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Notes: Attribute boost to Death Magic

Adds strong offense and defense to the Luxon side in FA, while also bringing strong anti enchantment to the table to deal with enchant monks.

Attributes and Skills

Template code


  • Herald's or Ghost Forge Insignias, depending on how you play.
  • 40/40 sets in restoration and channeling, shield sets as needed.


  • Use Spirit Rift and Glaive to kill their npcs, recap, and possibly even distract their monks for a second or two. Create a mini spike by precasting Glaive, casting Rift, waiting two seconds, and dropping Glaive and the newly recharged copy at the same time.
  • Keep life on recharge, put it behind things so it is harder to kill.
  • Heal as needed with Spirit Light and MBaS, and make sure to WoW the turtle if he is being interrupt spammed.
  • Use Well to deal with excessive enchant spam which keep npcs up. Always have Well up for Gunther/Juggernaut, ask an ally to suicide close to them if you need to.


Excessive Pressure, too many monks on the other team, general caster counters.


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