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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Combine Spirit's Strength and an unstrippable IAS to pump out high and consistent DPS.

Attributes and Skills

Creatures you create have 52% more Health, and weapon spells you cast last 52% longer.
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Optional Slots 2 and 3

  • Executioner's Strike Executioner's Strike Damage and spike.
  • Axe Rake Axe Rake Damage and snare.
  • Agonizing Chop Agonizing Chop Damage and interrupt.
  • Disrupting Chop Disrupting Chop Interrupt and disable.
  • Axe Twist Axe Twist Counter physicals.
  • Bull's Strike Bull's Strike No kiting.

Optional Slot 4

  • Rush Rush IMS that's easy to maintain.
  • Sprint Sprint IMS that doesn't cost adrenaline.



  • 5x Ghost forge Insignias
  • Rune of Superior Vigor.
  • 2x Runes of Vitae.


  • Sundering/Vampiric Axe of Defense.
  • Any Attribute Shield of Fortitude, +10 armor vs each damage type OR -5 physical damage 20%.
  • 40/20/20 Spawning Staff.
  • High Energy Set.


  • Pre-cast Spirit's Strength and cover it with Sight Beyond Sight before entering combat with your 40/20/20 staff.
    • If you have a Monk, have him cover your enchantments with Vigorous Spirit.
  • Cast Weapon of Aggression and build adrenaline with your staff.
    • Weapon of Aggression lasts 15 seconds with 13 Spawning Power.
      • Always recast before it runs out to keep your armor up.
    • Spirit's Strength works on staff attacks too, helping to deal DPS while building adrenaline
  • Pick a target when adrenaline is charged and use skills accordingly.
    • Dismember for pressure.
    • Bull's Strike/Axe Rake for kiting foes.
    • Disrupting Chop/Agonizing chop to interrupt and/or DPS.
  • Use your IMS as needed to catch fleeing foes.
    • If using Rush, swap to your staff to build adrenaline while retaining DPS thanks to Spirit's Strength.
  • Switch to your high energy set if facing e-denial and need to recast your spells.


  • Weapon of Aggression, Sight Beyond Sight, and Spirit's Strength are not considered targeted spells.
    • Therefore, hexes such as Shame and Mark of Subversion will not trigger on them.


  • Standard anti-melee.
  • Enchantment Stripping

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