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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Strengthen your spirits with Ritual Lord to provide your team with exceptional sustain.

Attributes and Skills

Creatures you create have 52% more Health, and weapon spells you cast last 52% longer.
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Optional Support

  • Resilient Weapon Resilient Weapon to support NPC's.
  • Soothing Memories Soothing Memories if using an item.
  • Protective Was Kaolai Protective Was Kaolai if more party healing is needed.
  • Rejuvenation Rejuvenation if more party healing is needed.
  • Remove Hex Remove Hex hex removal.

Optional Self Defense

  • Wary Stance Wary Stance self defense and to block ranger interruptions while creating a spirit. Activate Ritual Lord near the end of the spirit's cast to avoid cancelling either skill disadvantageously.
  • Shield Bash Shield Bash self defense. Can be used to block a ranger interrupt.
  • Dark Escape Dark Escape self defense and IMS.
  • Dash Dash IMS.

Optional Energy Management

  • Energetic Was Lee Sa Energetic Was Lee Sa unconditional energy management.
  • Signet of Creation Signet of Creation spirit based energy management.
  • Boon of Creation Boon of Creation if your team has stallers and enchantment stripping isn't a concern.



  • 5x Survivor Insignias OR 5x Shaman's Insignias
  • Rune of Superior Vigor.
  • 2x Runes of Vitae.


  • 40/40 Restoration set.
  • Staff with 20% enchanting if using Boon of Creation.
  • Low/High energy set.
  • Shield sets.


  • Place your spirits in a safe location, preferably where they'll avoid the Siege Turtle's attack.
    • Always use Ritual Lord before creating a spirit to strengthen it's effects.
  • Spot heal players and NPC's with Spirit Light.
  • Remove conditions and heal with Mend Body and Soul.


  • Standard anti caster, especially interrupts.
  • Spirits being killed with none other in earshot.

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