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This build uses spirits to solo farm small mobs in many areas. It is most effective with ritualists as the primary profession, but can also be used with any profession with a ritualist secondary with some loss in effectiveness.

See 2 Man Spirit Farmer

Attributes & Skills

Creatures you create have 48% more Health, and weapon spells you cast last 48% longer.
Template code


Additional Spiritsdrop spawning power to 8+1, increase communing to 10+1

  • Pain Pain
  • Anguish Anguish
  • Shadowsong Shadowsong
Spirit durability
  • Spiritleech Aura Spiritleech Aura – drop spawning power to 8+1 and increase restoration magic to 5+1.
  • Spirit Boon Strike Spirit Boon Strike – particularly useful if you want to avoid dissolving a spirit wall with Summon Spirits.
  • Spirit Siphon Spirit Siphon – reliable energy management
  • Dash Dash
  • Drunken Master Drunken Master
  • Pain Inverter Pain Inverter - to swiftly farm any boss that has area damage.
  • Mend Body and Soul Mend Body and Soul – especially useful against conditions. Drop spawning power to 8+1 and increase restoration magic to 5+1.
  • Spirit Light Spirit Light – raw healing. Drop spawning power to 8+1 and increase restoration magic to 5+1.
  • Shadow Sanctuary Shadow Sanctuary - high health regen with an armor boost (useful if targeted by foes) without the need to invest any attribute points. Weapon of Enchanting recommended.

Template Codes


  • Flatbow/Longbow for pulling.
  • If soloing Lab, it is safe to run 3 x Sup - Channeling (12 + 1 + 3pts), Communing (12 + 3pts) + Spawning (3 + 3pts), and full Radiant set, to speed up run and avoid energy issues, just be mindful when aggroing multiple Skeles as you will only have around 250hp.


  • Spread your spirits out in a line or an arc.
    • Set Bloodsong and Vampirism near the front to take the brunt of damage.
    • Set the three spirits from Signet of Spirits behind Bloodsong and Vampirism.
    • Bring Shadowsong and set behind the other spirits if there are a lot of or high physical damage dealers.
  • Use Armor of Unfeeling before pulling mobs.
  • Depending on the mob, wait for the mob to ball up naturally, and aggro using Painful Bond.
  • Reproduce spirits as they die, try to keep a wall between yourself and enemies.
  • Try renewing Armor of Unfeeling after you reproduce your spirits.
  • Use Summon Spirits to move your spirits around and/or to regenerate some of their health.

Farmable Areas

General Notes

This build is extremely popular because of its ability to dispatch relatively weak foes easily. This means the majority of Normal Mode mobs can be killed by a single Signet of Spirits player on its own, making this the preferred build for gathering most of Nicholas the Traveler's wanted items.

As a matter of fact, know that this build is able to clear pretty much every low and mid-level mission/explorable area in the game in Normal Mode.

Solo missions like the Norn Fighting Tournament or Tihark Orchard can also easily be cleared with this. See Signet of Spirits Solo Content for more information.

Normal Mode

  • Underworld. The Labyrinth is easily farmable, with foes here having an high chance of ecto drops. The Forgotten Vale can also be cleared easily, allowing easy access to the Black Widow. Chaos Planes are harder but doable, with a very high amount of potential ecto drops. Farming the Ice Wastes is extremely tedious and generally not worth it.
  • Feather farming in the Nahpui Quarter mission. Use a longbow to pull enemies into your spirit wall and do not kill bosses.

Hard Mode

  • The Minister Cho's Estate mission can be easily completed in Hard Mode for OS items. Unfortunately you'll have to babysit Togo and Yijo the whole time.
  • Am Fah from the Refuse to Drink quest. Those foes are one of the few level 20 foes in Hard Mode in the entire game, therefore having a high chance of dropping q8 (oldschool) items. They also drop a large amount of Runes. For more detailed information see the variantbar just below.
  • All creatures in Pongmei Valley can be killed in Hard Mode with this build. In this area, foes and chests have very interesting drop tables, with OS items typical from Kaineng foes, Jade Sea critters and Kurzick enemies at the same time, makings full clears worth it. Don't forget to bring lockpicks.


If farming bosses for unique items, know that this build's extreme versatility will allow you to farm pretty much every boss in the game, in Normal Mode. Simply clear the foes around the boss with your hero team, flag them far away then finish the boss solo. Know that this can prove itself very useful in an area like Sorrow's Furnace where multiple valuable unique items drop from bosses.

This build is also capable of taking some bosses completely on its own :

  • Ritualist's Construct outside Unwaking Waters (kurzick)
    • Drop Armor of Unfeeling and Spirit Leech Aura, take Anguish, Painful Bond, and "Finish Him!". Communing 12, Channeling Magic 12
    • Bring a longbow for pulling the boss, do not aggro the afflicted group
    • Pull the boss towards the outpost gate to get clear of the afflicted
    • Spam your spirits (start with Shadowsong) then hex the boss, use FH when he goes below 50%
  • Silent Ancient Onata and Sword Ancient Kai in Raisu Palace (explorable area).
    • Use a Paragon Speed Boost Hero to run there. Do not worry if the hero dies while running through the groups.
      • If the hero survives, flag it away from you before you aggro.
    • Using a Longbow, pull the boss back away from the portal.
    • Try not to get too close to the portal or else more enemies will spawn. If they do spawn, run back towards the shrine and come back. Just wait until you get the opportunity again to pull.
  • Craw Stonereap, Zarnas Stonewrath, and Meril Stoneweaver outside of Altrumm Ruins in Arborstone (explorable area).
    • Use a Paragon Speed Boost Hero to run to Craw Stonereap. You need both "Make Haste!" and either a "Fall Back!" or "Incomming!" to break from the group of Wardens. Also use "I Am Unstoppable!" so you do not get knocked down or crippled.
      • Flag the hero out of range while running in so it does not share drops.
    • Use "I Am Unstoppable!" before engaging Zarnas Stonewrath and stay out of casting range.
    • Use Renewing Surge on Meril Stoneweaver first and allow him to rip the hex with Smite Hex, then use Painful Bond.


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