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Use any profession to blow up the Raptor Nestlings and Rekoff Broodmother instantly. Dervishes, Necromancers, and Warriors should stick with Mark of Pain.

Skills and Attributes


Template code

Templates with recommended skills:

Ranger Hero

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 16%.
Template code


  • Full Stalwart Insignia (Assassins should use Infiltrator's Insignia instead)
  • Sword of Fortitude/Shelter with "I Have the Power!" (+5e)
  • Tactics Shield of Fortitude with +10 AL vs. Piercing
  • Put on your Asuran title for extra energy if necessary.


  • All hero skills should be disabled.
  • Grab the bounty.
  • Use "Incoming!"/"Fall Back!" to run to the mouth of the cave.
  • At the end of the ledge before the cave, have the hero cast Enduring Harmony, "Can't Touch This!", "Make Haste!", and "Stand Your Ground!" on you, and lay Edge of Extinction. Then flag him back by the shrine.
  • Run in with "I Am Unstoppable!", gathering all the raptors you can with the Broodmother's group last.
  • Ball the raptors, using Protector's Defense and Soldier's Defense simultaneously (and your optional skills when appropriate). Be sure you are in range of EoE before stopping to activate PD.
    • If inflicting Blind or Weakness through your optional skill, try to make sure it hits the Broodmother, as she is a boss and thus does double damage.
  • When ready to spike, use HB, Wary Stance, and Whirlwind Attack.
  • If the Broodmother is still alive, but in low health (caused by aggroing too few raptors or having a couple die outside of EoE's range), use "Finish Him!".
  • Pick up drops and resign.


  • Spirit being killed by patrol group if you take too long. Your hero(es) can be used to intercept the patrol outside of radar range instead of flagging back by the shrine. Keep in mind that if the patrol wipes out the hero(es), it will beeline for the spirit rather than resume its route.
  • Messing up the micro of your hero(es). Bind their skills to keys to make things easier on yourself.


  • Defensive Skills (the ones listed here are used in the above templates):
    • Whirling Defense Whirling Defense : Use for blocking while rounding up the raptors.
    • Physical Resistance Physical Resistance : Use for armor while rounding up the raptors.
    • Ward Against Melee Ward Against Melee : Cover from interrupts with Protectors & Soldier's to cast when balling.
    • Shielding Hands Shielding Hands : Reduce damage during the balling stage. Cover from interrupts with Protector's & Soldier's Defenses.
    • Unseen Fury Unseen Fury /Smoke Powder Defense Smoke Powder Defense : Use before Soldier's Defense.
    • Blind Was Mingson Blind Was Mingson : Precast before entering the cave. Drop when balling.
    • Bladeturn Refrain Bladeturn Refrain : Precast before entering the cave for some additional blocking.
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!" can be dropped for another PvE-only skill if you feel it's unneeded.
    • "You Are All Weaklings!" "You Are All Weaklings!" : Use when a decent chunk of the raptors are on you to weaken attacks.
    • Feel No Pain Feel No Pain : Minor health regeneration, and a heath boost if drunk.
    • Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability : Lengthens Soldier's Defense and Wary Stance, giving you more time to safely ball and build adrenaline if needed.
    • Great Dwarf Armor Great Dwarf Armor : Provides armor and a health boost. "Stand Your Ground!" is unneeded on the hero if you use this.
  • Ranger primaries can bring EoE in the optional slot (Beast Mastery to 12+1+3, Swordsmanship to 9) instead of a defensive skill and place the spirit themselves before entering the cave. This allows you to use the usual P/Rt hero for shouts. While slightly slower due to the cast time, you get longer shout durations without extra micro/stress.
  • If you are unafraid of the micro involved, you can separate the R/P into R/any and P/Rt heroes for longer shout duration, and support skills from the ranger's secondary.
  • If you want slightly longer shout duration but not another hero to manage, you can take a P/R hero instead of the R/P. However, you will then need to get all 33 Nestlings in order to kill the Broodmother.


Any Profession Raptor Farm

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