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This team build uses an A/N Shadow Form tank and a VoS Spiker to duo farm the Fissure of Woe for Obsidian Shards in Normal Mode. Experience with FoW speed clear is recommended.


1x Assassin/Necromancer SF Tank

Shroud of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" Unseen Fury Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Mark of Pain Great Dwarf Weapon Death's Charge

1x Dervish/Warrior VoS Spiker

Vow of Strength Sand Shards Ebon Escape Staggering Force Eremite's Attack Whirlwind Attack Mirage Cloak Mystic Regeneration

SF Tank

You have an additional 2% chance to critical hit. Whenever you critical hit, you get 0 Energy.
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  • Make sure you have at least rank 5 of Norn, Vanguard and Deldrimor to maximize the effects of the associated skills.


  • Weapons: +20 energy staff of enchanting, one-handed martial weapon of enchanting and +5 energy insc with various shields of devotion with +10 armor vs slashing, piercing, blunt and fire, zealous daggers (with req 9 or 10), longbow.
  • Armor: Rune of Superior Vigor and 3x Rune of Vitae, sets with Infiltaror's, Saboteur's and Vanguard Insignia's.


  • Maintain Shroud and SF at all times. Use IAU to prevent knock downs and have an armor bonus, only recast Shroud and SF when IAU is up. Use Unseen during downtime of IAU to prevent most of the hits and kd's.
  • Because you are in normal mode, foes will break very easily if you run at full speed. Even running straight at them can cause them to scatter. Always walk backwards during your pulls, even when you move just a little bit.
  • Ball up the foes and once you're done DC in, cast honor and ping mark of pain to signal the VoS to come in and spike. Make sure that the MoP target is in adjacent range of all foes. If there are Abyssals make sure they are blinded so the VoS doesn't get kd'd by Earth Shaker hitting you.
  • As the VoS shadow steps to you rather than directly towards the target, make sure that the target you ping can be hit by the VoS immediately.
  • During clean up, cast GDW on the VoS and switch to your daggers. Drop SF if its not needed to increase your damage output.

VoS Spiker

The energy cost of Dervish enchantments is reduced by 36%.
In PvE, gain +9 armor rating while enchanted.
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  • You can change the attribute points in Scythe Mastery and Mysticism according to your need for energy.



  • Wait for the tank to ball up foes, don't aggro anything during the pull.
  • When the tank pings MoP, cast VoS, Sand Shards and shadow step to the tank with Ebon Escape, cast Staggering force and press T to target the foe hexed with MoP and hit with Eremite's Attack immediately followed by Whirlwind Attack.
  • If there are Mesmers make sure you cover Sand Shards with Mystic Regeneration and Mirage Cloak. Mirage Cloak can be casted after the shadow step to deal some extra damage.
  • Be careful as the tank needs to use a res scroll if you die, also try to avoid impalers as you don't have "I Am Unstoppable!".
  • At ToS make sure you keep your health up as you constantly get hit by Siege Wurms.
  • During cleanup, use Mirage Cloak for blocking.


  • Both players need to bring res scrolls!
  • If the Essence of Celerity runs out at ToS, consider not popping another one. You don´t need to use SF at all when dealing with the Ranger/Monk mobs, and when spiking an Abbysal/Mesmer group, the spike should be done before SF runs out.


Ball the first mob just like a normal FoWsc. You can then clear ToC if you want but you can skip it, if you do, Rastigan the Eternal will run up so you will be forced to complete the quest Tower of Courage, this should pose no problem. Now walk towards the entrance of the beach but don't enter it, you'll see three patrolling mobs close by, ball those and kill them. After that, proceed to battlefield, after the first 3 skeleton mobs in the battlefield are dead, proceed to the camp and aggro the rangers and some skeletons if you want. Pop the camp and take the quest The Eternal Forgemaster from Eternal Weaponsmith. Now make your way to forge and clear the entrance. Then clear the forge, and do defend. After defend, proceed through the south entrance of forge and fight your way to ToS, killing every shadow army you see.

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