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This build has received a provisional rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Based on the Rt/any Signet of Spirits Farmer, but divides the build across two bars for speed and more damage. Main use is The Underworld and possibly any other places the original build can farm.

Attributes and Skills


Template code

  • Template Codes
    • Warrior: OQgjAqhoITdilTXTQTbiVTXMAAA
    • Ranger: OggkchgXIKyUnY501E00mY10FDAA
    • Monk: OwgjAqhoITdilTXTQTbiVTXMAAA
    • Necromancer: OAhkYggXIKyUnY501E00mY10FDAA
    • Mesmer: OQhkAggXIKyUnY501E00mY10FDAA
    • Elementalist: OghkwggXIKyUnY501E00mY10FDAA
    • Assassin: OwhjAqhoITdilTXTQTbiVTXMAAA
    • Ritualist: OACkAehoITiUnY5kP41U1E00m4FD
    • Paragon: OQijAqhoITdilTXTQTbiVTXMAAA
    • Dervish: OgijAqhoITdilTXTQTbiVTXMAAA


Template code

Use spiritleech before creating anguish!
  • Template Codes
    • Warrior: OQgiAyhMt58Nd24D6stJCNdxA
    • Ranger: OggjchgcoSbOfTnN+gObbiQTXMA
    • Monk: OwgiAyhMt58Nd24D6stJCNdxA
    • Necromancer: OAhjYggcoSbOfTnN+gObbiQTXMA
    • Mesmer: OQhjAggcoSbOfTnN+gObbiQTXMA
    • Elementalist: OghjwggcoSbOfTnN+gObbiQTXMA
    • Assassin: OwhiAyhMt58Nd24D6stJCNdxA
    • Ritualist: OACjAyhKJSfTbOnNRbObbiQTXMA
    • Paragon: OQiiAyhMt58Nd24D6stJCNdxA
    • Dervish: OgiiAyhMt58Nd24D6stJCNdxA

Additional Points

  • Elementalists Put 8+1+3 Into Energy Storage
  • Necromancers Put 8+1+3 Into Soul Reaping
  • Rangers Put 8+1+3 Into Expertise
  • Mesmers Put 8+1+3 Into Fast Casting
  • Warriors, Assassins, Monks, Paragons and Dervishes should boost the attributes here with the remaining attribute points.
  • Ritualists Put 8+1 Into Spawning Power and use a superior rune (+3) on whatever attribute you want.


Any Primary

  • Summon Ice Imp Summon Ice Imp
  • Summon Mursaat Summon Mursaat
  • Summon Ruby Djinn Summon Ruby Djinn
  • Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!"
  • Feel No Pain Feel No Pain
  • Summon Spirits Summon Spirits
  • Spirit Siphon Spirit Siphon
  • Essence Strike Essence Strike

Ranger Primary

  • Serpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness
  • Edge of Extinction Edge of Extinction
    • Use this skill with care, as it could easily wipe both of you if used where humans are being killed.

Mesmer Primary

  • Arcane Mimicry Arcane Mimicry

Paragon Primary

  • Anthem of Envy Anthem of Envy
  • Anthem of Disruption Anthem of Disruption
  • Anthem of Weariness Anthem of Weariness


  • +20 energy Staff, Channeling or Restoration attribute. (Example: Staff of the Forgotten)
  • Defensive caster weapon and shield sets.
  • Flatbow/Longbow for pulling.


  • Set up spirits
  • Use Hexes and buffs
  • Watch foes die, replacing any spirits as needed.


  • Aggro when placing Spirits
  • AoE Spells when near Spirits/AoE destroying Spirits
  • Traps when running/moving, e.g.: Obsidian Behemoths in The Underworld


  • If confident, or if death is not an issue, replace Flesh of my Flesh on one or both bars for other skills. Consider bringing Scrolls of Resurrection


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