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This two team setup is for farming plant fibers in the Holdings of Chokhin. You gain about 800 to 1000 Sunspear Points and about 100 Plant Fibers in 7 to 10 minutes.


  • 2xMonk600HP
Protective Spirit Spirit Bond Shield of Absorption Spell Breaker Pain Inverter "I Am Unstoppable!" Blessed Aura Essence Bond
  • 2xMonkSmite
Essence Bond Retribution Optional Life Attunement Holy Wrath Shield of Judgment Blessed Signet Rebirth
  • 2xNecromancer/MonkFinisher
Spiteful Spirit Vocal Minority Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Pain Inverter Purifying Veil Balthazar's Spirit Essence Bond Rebirth

600 Tank

Your allies are healed for 42 Health whenever you cast Monk spells on them.
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  • Weapons: 20% enchanted weapon
  • Armor: 600HP armor, of course


  • Cast Pain Inverter on annoying monsters to kill.
  • Only pull 1 group alone, otherwise your Smiter or Finisher (or both) will get aggro, because there are too many melees.


Your allies are healed for 10 Health whenever you cast Monk spells on them.
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  • Balthazar's Spirit Balthazar's Spirit if the tank and the finisher don't have.
  • Vital Blessing Vital Blessing if the tank does not have 600HP yet - helps against degeneration.
  • Blessed Aura Blessed Aura for a longer Shield of Judgment & Holy Wrath.


  • Weapons: 20% enchanted weapon or 40/40 set for Smiting Prayers.
  • Armor: Headpieces with 3+1 smiting and protection.


  • Smite the 600.
  • Normally, you don't get aggro, but if you do though, run!


The Finisher is optional, but it speeds up the run a lot. It can be played using Mo/N or N/Mo.

Gain 4 Energy whenever a non-Spirit creature near you dies, up to 3 times every 15 seconds.
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  • Weapons: 40/40 curses.
  • Armor: Full survivor insignias.



For tanks that can't cast Spell Breaker on themselves, you will need an additional Monk with spell breaker. This person can replace the finisher.


Both routes in the Holdings of Chokhin

  • A hero can be used for the smiter, but they will not have 16 in both attributes. Furthermore, it is tricky to give yourself Holy Wrath and Shield of Judgment while tanking.
  • Any caster can play the 600, as long as there is someone who casts Spell Breaker.
  • This can be also be run with one team, backtracking via the shrine at the beginning to continue onto the second route. Obviously it takes twice the time.


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