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  Koss.png This page is directed towards players with limited access to skills, heroes and equipment.  
Intended for transitional use only.           

Warrior player build based on skills available to players using the Beginner Team.

Tutorial Builds

Post-tutorial build

Use the post-tutorial build once you have access to other campaigns (arrival in Lion's Arch/Kaineng Center/Consulate Docks). If originating from Nightfall, keep your tutorial build. Else, upgrade to the Nightfall tutorial build. Make sure to spend all your attribute points!

Upgrade in Gate of Desolation

Your attack skills gain 3% armor penetration.
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Acquiring skills


  • Enter combat with "For Great Justice!" and Soldier's Stance.
  • Maintain "Watch Yourself!" to protect your team and enable the effects of Soldier's Stance.
  • Use Sever Artery followed by Gash to apply deep wound. Deal additional single target damage with Soldier's Strike and Sun and Moon Slash.
  • Position yourself between as many foes as possible before using Whirlwind Attack.


  • Buy a rune of minor swordsmanship and one of minor tactics. Insert each of them into a different armour piece of yours.

Upgrade in Gate of Torment

12 + 1 + 1
12 + 1
Your attack skills gain 13% armor penetration.
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Variable skill slot

  • Sunspear Rebirth Signet Sunspear Rebirth Signet for general use.
  • Lightbringer Signet Lightbringer Signet for content with servants of Abaddon (Margonites, Torment Creatures, Titans).

Acquiring skills

  • Hundred Blades Hundred Blades can be captured from Blade of Corruption during the quest Breaking the Broken.
  • Enraging Charge Enraging Charge can be purchased from Zendeht in Gate of Torment.
  • Flail Flail can be purchased from Zendeht.
  • Lion's Comfort Lion's Comfort can be purchased from Zendeht.
  • Lightbringer Signet Lightbringer Signet is given by Seeker of Secrets in Chantry of Secrets with a requirement of lightbringer rank 3.


  • Utilize Enraging Charge to gain adrenaline quickly at the beginning of a fight.
    • Use "For Great Justice!" right before the first hit to avoid wasting much of its duration by running towards your target.
  • Activate Hundred Blades to increase your damage output and deal damage to adjacent targets with every attack.
  • Position yourself between as many foes as possible before using Whirlwind Attack and Sun and Moon Slash. You will trigger hundred blades for every attacked foe, dealing plenty of damage.
  • Flail to increase your attack speed and trigger Hundred Blades more often.
  • Heal yourself with Lion's Comfort when needed. You can also use it between fights to keep your adrenaline level high.
    • Alternatively use Lightbringer Signet near servants of Abaddon to gain adrenaline and energy.


  • Replace the rune of minor tactics with a rune of minor strength.
  • Complete your equipment following Guide:PvE Equipment.


As a warrior your damage output is dependent on the weapon you are using. Make sure that you keep upgrading your wielded sword with better items looted from foes. The maximum damage range for swords is 15–22.

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