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This version of MQSC (Mount Qinkai Speed Clear) uses 8 Dervishes in order to farm Luxon faction at Mount Qinkai in Hard Mode from Aspenwood Gate. Faction rewards are roughly 10k per run and averages 3-6 minutes depending on the teams skill level(current best run is 2 minutes). MQSC allows you to earn an average of 120k Luxon Faction per hour. Groups are now normally formed in guilds and alliances only. These builds are the current meta being used by the top Luxon faction farmers, and allows for easy merging with non-SC players as well as the old MQSC team if desired or needed. Party members will split into 4 seperate main routes, each with their own specific duties, and all will use the same build.

Team Breakdown

  • 2xDervish/Assassin Yeti Team
  • 2xDervish/Assassin Wallow Team
  • 2xDervish/Assassin Lake Team
  • 2xDervish/Assassin Beach Team

MQSC Derv Build

The energy cost of Dervish enchantments is reduced by 36%.
In PvE, gain +9 armor rating while enchanted.
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  • Full Windwalker Insignias.
    • Blessed Insignias can be substituted until you can afford the others, or if the trader is out of stock.
  • +50 hp rune.
    • Can be substituted for +30 or +41 until you can afford a +50.
  • +1 Earth Prayers head piece with a +3 earth prayers rune.
  • +2 Wind prayers, +1 mysticism rune, and +2 energy rune.


  • Enchanting martial weapon and shield with +45 w/e.
  • Zealous and Vampiric scythe of enchanting with +15% while enchanted.
  • Longbow incase groups need pulling.


  • Conset for the whole team.
  • Cupcake required for anyone interacting with naga.
  • All other pcons (Golden Egg, Candy Corn, Candy Apple, Slice of Pumpkin Pie, War Supplies) are highly recommended to make things more consistent and faster.
  • Summoning stone, preferably legionnaire, for beach derv its recomended if they have to do beach solo as the warrior boss will take very long without.


  • Maintain Sand Shards at all times, making sure to allow you to use it as soon as it ends during a spike and for enchantment fuel.
  • Maintain Mirage Cloak only during combat.
  • Use Mystic Regen before beginning to aggro a group.
  • Yeti Specific:
    • Ball by pulling, usually against a wall.
    • Use IAU if you ever get cripple while balling, or as soon as you jump in to help with tankiness and to make sure you are not crippled after a spike.
    • Use Standard, Grenth's Aura, and VoS after jumping in.
    • If you are blinded, try to hit the spirit first. Never attack bosses directly until forced to.
  • Wallow and Oni Specific:
    • IAU during combat always. If 4 group/pop, ball them or one will scatter.
    • Chance to KD you with auto attacks.
  • Wallow Specific:
    • Island Guardian groups do not move, use IAU before aggro/Death's Charging in, and always attack the Island Guardian directly until it is dead or it will cast healing seed.
    • Do not pull more than one group at a time, but can pull a single group into the Island Guardian, but be careful if it is a 4 group plus double Wallow with Guardian group.
  • Naga Specific:
    • You must speedboost ball them, and use IAU then Death's Charge.
    • Use Standard as soon as you jump in followed by Grenth's Aura and VoS. Sometimes you will still get rupted on Standard but it is okay.
    • Focus Rits, then Warriors, as Rangers will block you. Attacking spirits is also good.

Full Video Guide

Yeti Team

Ranger/Rit Route

  • Head and kill the Ranger Yeti boss along will all the yetis in that corner.
  • Then, run to the Ritualist boss hill and kill everything there.
  • The Wallow 1 and 2 Route derv will be helping with the Rit boss group.

Ranger/Rit Route Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate yeti1.png

Cave Route

  • Run passed first Wallow group, making sure not to aggro more than you have to, using IAU to not get KDed.
  • Go straight to hill, passed the yeti and wallows who fight eachother.
  • Grab as much as you can and make sure to ball on the monk, spiking the warriors first seperately.
  • Continue to the back of cave, pulling the remaining outside patrols together. You will have help for this from Lake Cleanup Route.

Cave Route Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate yeti2.png

Wallow Team

Wallow 1 and 2 Route

  • Do first section of Wallows, being weary of the Cave derv who will be running by.
  • For second wallows, ignore the far wallow group.
  • After you finish, run to the yeti rit boss to help yeti 1 derv finish.

Wallow 1 and 2 Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate wallow12.png

Wallow 3 and 4 Route

  • Run with the Lake and Lake Cleanup dervs to the bridge.
  • Break the Naga group and run passed the Wallow 3 group to the Wallow 4 group, making sure to use IAU.
  • Kill all of Wallow 4, then move back and finish Wallow 3.
  • If the Beach Cleanup is not spiking the Wallow patrol on their route, make sure to get that group before you finish.

Wallow 3 and 4 Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate wallow34.png

Lake Team

Lake Route

  • Run to the bridge on the lower route, run passed the Naga group, and the Wallow 3 group and run to the lake.
  • Do not double aggro the Naga groups in the lake, and catch the patrol asasp.
    • If you are too slow and the patrol is in agro of the non-patrol.naga group, just wait.

Lake Route Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate lake1.png

Lake Cleanup Route

  • Run with the Lake route derv, and wait for the Naga group to break the Lake derv, and the Wallow 3-4 derv. Then spike it.
  • Then spike the farthest west wallow patrol on Wallow 3 area.
  • Proceed up and spike the wallow group in front of cave.
  • Then run around and start cleaning up the back of cave.

Lake Cleanup Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate lake2.png

Beach Team

Beach Route

  • Run to the bottom east route passed the Wallow patrol, and both Oni popups, using IAU.
  • Immediately pull the stationary naga group into the Outcast patrol.
  • After they agroed each other, spike the patrol, and then the far back naga group.
  • Go back and kill the left over enemies from the Outcast and Naga fight.
    • The Beach Cleanup will usually already be there spiking.

Beach Route Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate beach1.png

Beach Cleanup Route

  • Follow the beach derv, and spike the wallow patrol after they break it.
  • Continue and spike the first oni popup.
  • Grab the bridge wallow patrol and spike it.
    • If you're going for really fast times and a wallow is NOT stuck on a chest or plant, you can ignore it and let the Wallow 3 and 4 derv kill it.
  • Then kill the second oni popup.
  • Go straight and clean up/start the boss fight.

Beach Cleanup Video Guide

Route Image

Mqscupdate beach2.png

Merged Routes Image

  • Dark green: Yeti Ranger/Rit
  • Yellow: Wallow 1 and 2
  • Light blue: Cave
  • Light green: Lake Cleanup
  • Dark Blue: Wallow 3 and 4
  • Red: Lake
  • Pink: Beach cleanup
  • Orange: Beach

Mqscupdate merge.png

Low Man / Tactic Merging

Dervway with less than 8 players

  • If you are in situations where you are doing this without a full team, here is how the breakdown usually works:
    • One person does Ranger/Rit yetis as well as cave.
    • One person does all of beach, including the cleanup part.
    • One person does all of wallows.
    • One person does all of lake.
  • As you work your way down in amount of people on the run, you can even split it by doing 1 person does all of yetis and wallows, and one person does all of beach and lake.
  • You can also even have one person clear half of the map (whichever the players prefer) with 6 heroes, and a single derv do the other half, which will balance out 50/50.

Dervway and Old Meta Merge

  • This is also easily merged with the old meta way.
  • By simply adding one derv to a role, it frees up multiple slots for the rest of the team, or lowering needed people total.
    • One derv can do all of yetis alone and the rest of the team can take more for wallows and beach, for example.

See also

  • MQSC Luxon FFF Old Meta Here
    • This has been used for many years, and still can be used to this day. However due to it being slower and not as many players, it is either not used or merged with current meta derv splits.
    • It is cheaper consumable wise, and less difficult for pure beginners.