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This build requires Consumables to operate properly.  

A flexible team build for 8 players that allows characters of any profession to complete The Underworld (hard mode) in about 70 to 80 minutes. Only one person in the team needs to know how the quests work, allowing inexperienced players into the team.

The Builds

Main team Variant 1 Other Options Special
Position 1  Ranger

Death's Charge.jpgWhirling Defense.jpgLotus Strike.jpgJagged Strike.jpgFox Fangs.jpgDeath Blossom.jpg'Together as One!'.jpg'I Am Unstoppable!'.jpg

Death's Charge
Whirling Defense
Lotus Strike
Jagged Strike
Fox Fangs
Death Blossom
"Together as One!"
"I Am Unstoppable!"
   OR   Warrior  

'Save Yourselves!'.jpg'To the Limit!'.jpgHundred Blades.jpgWhirlwind Attack.jpgSun and Moon Slash.jpg'For Great Justice!'.jpgEnraging Charge.jpg'I Am Unstoppable!'.jpg

"Save Yourselves!"
"To the Limit!"
Hundred Blades
Whirlwind Attack
Sun and Moon Slash
"For Great Justice!"
Enraging Charge
"I Am Unstoppable!"
   OR   Assassin Dervish
Position 2  Assassin

Death's Charge.jpgEbon Battle Standard of Honor.jpgWay of the Assassin.jpgJagged Strike.jpgFox Fangs.jpgDeath Blossom.jpgCritical Eye.jpg'I Am Unstoppable!'.jpg

Death's Charge
Ebon Battle Standard of Honor
Way of the Assassin
Jagged Strike
Fox Fangs
Death Blossom
Critical Eye
"I Am Unstoppable!"
   OR   Ranger Dervish    OR   Necromancer
Position 3  Dervish

Death's Charge.jpgEremite's Attack.jpgPious Assault.jpgTwin Moon Sweep.jpgPious Renewal.jpgPious Fury.jpgAura of Holy Might.jpg'I Am Unstoppable!'.jpg

Death's Charge
Eremite's Attack
Pious Assault
Twin Moon Sweep
Pious Renewal
Pious Fury
Aura of Holy Might
"I Am Unstoppable!"
   OR   Assassin    OR   Necromancer
Position 4  Paragon 

'To the Limit!'.jpg'For Great Justice!'.jpg'Save Yourselves!'.jpg'There's Nothing to Fear!'.jpg'They're on Fire!'.jpgHeroic Refrain.jpg'Fall Back!'.jpg'We Shall Return!'.jpg

"To the Limit!"
"For Great Justice!"
"Save Yourselves!"
"There's Nothing to Fear!"
"They're on Fire!"
Heroic Refrain
"Fall Back!"
"We Shall Return!"
Position 5  Ritualist

Ancestors' Rage.jpgBloodsong.jpgSignet of Spirits.jpgSpirit Siphon.jpgGreat Dwarf Weapon.jpgPain Inverter.jpgSummon Spirits.jpgStrength of Honor.jpg

Ancestors' Rage
Signet of Spirits
Spirit Siphon
Great Dwarf Weapon
Pain Inverter
Summon Spirits
Strength of Honor
   OR   Necromancer
Position 6  Mesmer

Lyssa's Aura.jpgArcane Echo.jpgShatter Hex.jpgGreat Dwarf Weapon.jpgWaste Not, Want Not.jpgMistrust.jpgCry of Frustration.jpgWastrel's Worry.jpg

Lyssa's Aura
Arcane Echo
Shatter Hex
Great Dwarf Weapon
Waste Not, Want Not
Cry of Frustration
Wastrel's Worry
   OR   Necromancer

Order of the Vampire.jpgMark of Pain.jpgBlood Bond.jpgWeaken Armor.jpgTechnobabble.jpgGreat Dwarf Weapon.jpgMindbender.jpgFlesh of My Flesh.jpg

Order of the Vampire
Mark of Pain
Blood Bond
Weaken Armor
Great Dwarf Weapon
Flesh of My Flesh
   OR   Ritualist Dervish Elementalist Monk      
Position 7  Monk

Healing Burst.jpgDwayna's Kiss.jpgVigorous Spirit.jpgProtective Spirit.jpgSeed of Life.jpgCure Hex.jpgDismiss Condition.jpgSelfless Spirit.jpg

Healing Burst
Dwayna's Kiss
Vigorous Spirit
Protective Spirit
Seed of Life
Cure Hex
Dismiss Condition
Selfless Spirit
   OR   Ritualist
Position 8  Elementalist

Aura of Restoration.jpgEther Renewal.jpgBreath of the Great Dwarf.jpgInfuse Health.jpgSpirit Bond.jpgProtective Spirit.jpgLife Attunement.jpgHoly Veil.jpg

Aura of Restoration
Ether Renewal
Breath of the Great Dwarf
Infuse Health
Spirit Bond
Protective Spirit
Life Attunement
Holy Veil
   OR   Ritualist Monk

For more build variants see the section alternative builds.




Aternative Builds

The main team is designed to fit in all player professions so any player could tag along. Depending on available player professions and personal preference alternative builds can be played to improve accessibility and clearing times. Below some notes on ideal builds for each position:

  • Position 1 to 3: Melee necromancers > dervishes > dagger builds > sword warrior.
  • Position 6: A mesmer or fake mesmer is to be preferred over other options.

Alt. Frontline

Alt. Midline

Alt. Backline

Special Variants

This variant can only be played if multiple slots in the team are changed. Requires additional communication before entering the mission.

  • Position 5 is replaced with a dark aura necromancer.
  • At least one out of position 2 and 3 is played by a soul taker necromancer. It's up to the necromancers whether they play with an Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer" or regular daggers. Necromancers without the Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer" can only choose to play the dagger build.
  • If at least one of the frontline necromancers uses Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer", necromancers are locked out of position 6 as there won't be enough physical damage triggers in the team left to justify the order necromancer. Instead, it is strongly advised to take a (fake) mesmer.
  • Against Dhuum, if you have a (fake) mesmer, sacrifice all special variant necromancers to fill Dhuum's rest. Without a (fake) mesmer, sacrifice position 6 and 1 instead. Once you've dealt enough damage to Dhuum, sacrifice the position 2 frontliner and the position 5 support necromancer to fill Dhuum's rest more quickly. Position 3 stays alive to handle minions and champions of Dhuum.


Accepting quests can have drastic consequences. The following table tells you which quests anyone can accept once the entire team is ready and near the reaper – marked with (accept). It also notes which quests are not to be accepted until the party leader confirms that the necessary preparations have been taken. These quests are marked with (don't accept) and are usually accepted only by a single player.

Quest order: Difficulty Map
  1.   Clear the Chamber (accept) Low
  2.   Restoring Grenth's Monuments   (accept) Low
  3.   Wrathful Spirits* (accept) Low
  4.   Escort of Souls* (don't accept)    Low to High   
  5.   Demon Assassin (accept) Low
  6.   The Four Horsemen (don't accept) High
  7.   Terrorweb Queen (accept) Medium
  8.   Imprisoned Spirits (don't accept) Medium
  9.   Unwanted Guests (don't accept) High
  10. Servants of Grenth (don't accept) Medium
  11. The Nightman Cometh (don't accept) Medium
*Experienced teams do Escort of Souls prior to Wrathful Spirits.

Clear the Chamber

Difficulty: Low

Three additional groups of Grasping Darknesses are spawned. They are no threat, so you can accept the quest right away. Gates to the surrounding areas upen once the extra spawns are defeated. Proceed through the central path that leads to the Labyrinth's monument of Grenth, the central hub for all quests in the underworld. The reaper, your quest giver, spawns once you have killed the three Terrorweb Dryders at the monument.

Accept Restoring Grenth's Monuments and proceed to the village in the Forgotten Vale. Experienced teams also accept Escort of Souls and do it on their way.


Restoring Grenth's Monuments

Difficulty: Low

This quest allows to spawn the other reapers. This means...

  • You'll be able to accept their quests.
  • You'll get access to their teleport system that allows to teleport to any unlocked reaper.
  • The reapers may get killed, which results in an instant mission failure.
    • However, completing a reaper's quest turns him immortal.

To spawn a reaper proceed to a monument of Grenth and kill the three Terrorweb Dryders that loiter in the area. To avoid that a reaper is killed please pay attention that:

  • You kill patrols in the area. This is important in the Labyrinth (first reaper) where patrolling Bladed Aatxes may aggro the reaper.
  • You do not kill all dryders until other foes in the area are defeated.
    • In twin serpent mountains the reaper may spawn in traps. Clear the trap rangers at the monument before killing the dryders.
    • In the chaos planes the extra spawns from the dream rider have to be considered.
    • In the spawning pools it's not always clear which group of dryders spawns the reaper. The backline should push up and be ready to heal the reaper if necessary.

You'll complete this quest alongside the general run.

Wrathful Spirits

Difficulty: Low

Upon accepting the quest hostile Tortured Spirits spawn throughout the village and attack friendly tortured spirits. To complete the quest you need to

  1. Protect at least one friendly spirit. They already wander around before you start the quest (after killing grasping darknesses) so your main team may position itself near one of these spirits before accepting the quest to guarantee that at least one spirit is going to survive.
  2. Kill all hostile spirits.

Accept the quest, go back to the village center and straight forward kill all foes. Hostile spirits appear in groups of three. Defeating all three spirits of a group activates a second, and that one's defeat triggers a third group. There is a total of five points where you need to defeat three groups of three spirits each. Notes:

  • Try to lure multiple groups at once so you can clear them with area damage.
  • (Fake) mesmers just spam Wastrel's Worry on the spirits.
  • If your frontline features a dervish, he can go uphill and clear the spawns at the mill by himself.

When you've completed the quest, teleport back to the Labyrinth.


Escort of Souls

width=167px Difficulty: Low to High

(Low: If you already cleared the path to the Forgotten Vale and completed Wrathful Spirits.
High: If you do the quest without clearing the path to the Forgotten Vale in advance.)

A group of New Souls spawns that walks from the reaper of the Labyrinth to the village in the Forgotten Vale. They move slowly, but won't stop when they're under attack. Accepting the quest also spawns a couple of extra foes on the way to the village. It's not advisable to fight them and the bladed Aatxes and skeletons of Dhuum of the area simultaneously. Therefore:

  • The safe approach is to clear the path first, do the quest Wrathful Spirits and then proceed with Escort of Souls.
  • The fast approach for experienced teams is to do Escort of Souls without clearing the path.

Once the path to the village is clear(ed again), the new souls will find their way themselves and you can proceed with the next quest without waiting for them.

After Escort of Souls and Wrathful Spirit are completed, teleport back to the Labyrinth and proceed south into the Twin Serpent Mountains, where you go for the quest Demon Assassin. Note 1: Before passing through the gate to the twin serpent mountains you'll see a group of three skeletons of Dhuum to your right. Kill them now to ease one of the harder quests later on. Note 2: You do not kill the trap rangers in this area, except those at the monument itself. Position 5 can drop Strength of Honor in this area because the upkeep cost is doubled.

Demon Assassin

Difficulty: Low

Accepting the quest spawns the Slayer that will move towards the reaper. Go back the way you came and you'll find him. Once the slayer is dead, go further back on the path you came and then turn south to the Chaos Planes.
Attention: The quest also spawns a couple of dryders and soul keepers that slowly move towards the reaper. You may not even see them. Eventually, they will reach the (now immortal) reaper. Do not teleport into twin serpent mountains again, as the foes will immediately proceed to attack you.


The Four Horsemen

width=167px Difficulty: High

Additional steps of preparation are taken to reduce the risk of failure.
Whenever you kill a Banished Dream Rider in the Chaos Planes, additional foes are spawned. First, a group of three Mindblade Spectres will spawn. Once they are defeated, a second group of six spectres appears and lastly, once they are dealt with, a final group of nine spectres. Do not advance until you defeated all spectres triggered by a dream rider's demise. The following areas are to be cleared of dream riders before you do the quest The Four Horsemen:

  • The area between spot (1) and (2).
  • The area between spot (1) and the monument.
  • The area around spot (4).

After this has been done, the team is split up:

  • Position 8 waits at the reaper.
  • The rest of the team positions itself at spot (1).
    • Note that the picture tells position 1 to tank the second group of horsemen. This is outdated. Position 1 stays with the main team.

Once everyone is in position and ready, position 8 accepts the quest. Now do the following:

  1. The main team kills only the Horseman at spot (1).
  2. The main team walks over to spot (2) and again, only kills the Horseman. Inform position 8 now to teleport.
  3. The E/Mo teleports the team to the Labyrinth and back to the Chaos Planes once the main team has killed two Horsemen.
  4. The entire team now advances to spot (4) and kills the two Horsemen on that side. They still have priority, as once they're dead, the reaper turns invulnerable and the quest is completed.
  5. Clear all remaining dryders so you can later teleport back to this location safely.

Terrorweb Queen

Difficulty: Medium

Accepting the quest spawns several foes in the centre of the Spawning Pools (in safe distance from the monument). In the very centre waits your quest target, the Terrorweb Queen, protected by dryders, skeletons of Dhuum and behemoths. Kill her to complete the quest. Notes:

  • Dispatch skeletons of Dhuum with priority.
  • Moving in the tar reduces movement speed by 33%. Melees should keep an eye on the compass and avoid overextending.
  • Move out of meteor showers.
  • Careful: Behemoths can knock down targets they hit.

Once the quest target is neutralized, teleport back to the Chaos Planes and proceed north to the Bone Pits.


Imprisoned Spirits

width=167px Difficulty: Medium

Take preparations before accepting the quest:

  • Clear the main team area.
  • Clear the area of position 1/8.

Everyone has to be in position 'prior to accepting the quest:

  1. Position 1 and 8 safeguard the northern pass.
  2. The main team holds the southern pit. Note: One group of four dryders spawns after a somewhat long pause. Do not proceed until it has been taken care of.
  3. Position 5 patrols between both points: Place your spirits (and don't use summon spirits) and provide the frontliners with Great Dwarf Weapon.

Once everyone is in the right spot position 6 accepts the quest and joins the main team.
Once no more foes spawn the excort NPCs are safe. Ideally you escort them all the way to the reaper.

Once the quest is done, teleport back to the Labyrinth.

Unwanted Guests

Difficulty: High

Some important points about the quest:

  • Accepting the quest spawns foes throughout the Labyrinth, fortifying six positions.
  • Each of these quest locations is guarded by two groups of Vengeful Aatxes, which are immortal. Aggroing such a group makes immediate action mandatory: Do not run back to the reaper, but push onward to the actual quest target:
  • In the centre of each quest location you'll find a Soul Keeper. Killing this foe automatically eliminates all foes of that location except for skeletons of Dhuum.
  • Therefore, when doing this quest, avoid vengeful Aatxes and give killing the soul keepers absolute priority.

Once everyone knows how the quest works, the team positions itself at quest location (1) and position 6 accepts the quest at the reaper. Continue with the remaining locations as follows:

  1. Kill the first soul keeper right where you stand in the beginning.
  2. Wait until the Vengeful Aatxes have patrolled away from the stairs (else they might body block the entire team). Dash towards the soul keeper and eliminate him.
  3. Position 1 aggroes the Aatxe and lures them to the left wall. The rest of the team can now dash through to the soul keeper without getting body blocked.
  4. Return to quest location 1. Observe the movement of your foes. Wait until the group of Aatxes to your right have patrolled far enough to be left of your stairs, sneak past them and dash towards the soul keeper.
  5. Attack from south and use the path where you killed three skeletons of Dhuum on your way to Demon Assassin.
  6. Return to quest location 4 and move northeast to the last soul keeper. The dryders will usually body block the path. If you have frontline characters with a shadow step, that won't be an issue as they can bypass the block. Alternatively: From position 3 you can bow pull the dryders away from location 6 when their Aatxes patrol towards location 4. That takes care of the body-block problem. You can rush the keeper during the same gap in the next patrol cycle.

Once all six soul keepers are dead, follow the path north and then west into the Ice Wastes.


Servants of Grenth

width=167px Difficulty: Medium

Clear the northern path of skeletons of Dhuum. Also position your main team between the northern path and the monument prior to accepting the quest. Once everyone is ready, position 6 accepts the quest. The main team has to kill three groups of foes.

The Nightman Cometh

Difficulty: Medium
Accept the quest from King Frozenwind from the quest Servants of Grenth. Once all party members enter the room you'll find yourself in combat. Prior to doing that, you should know how that fight works and what everyone is supposed to do. To end this battle, two conditions must be met:

  1. Dhuum's health points are depleted (25% left).
  2. Dhuum's Rest (mission progress bar) is filled.

Each team member has their own responsibilities in this fight. They slightly vary depending on your exact team composition.

  • Three party members die on purpose.
    • Unequipping your armour and standing next to Dhuum is recommended to die quickly.
    • If pos. 6 = (fake) mesmer: 1, 2 and 5 die.
    • Else: 1, 2 and 6 die.
  • Characters that die during this fight are teleported away from the team.
    • Put your armour back on.
    • Wait until all three intended kills have occurred. It can happen that a character dies immediately after the teleport, and the only way to then get them back is to use a scroll of resurrection on them.
    • Then talk to the mayor and teleport back into the fight.
  • Characters that have returned as spirits have received a new skill set.
    • Spam skill 1 to increase Dhuum's rest.
    • Use skill 4 to remove death penalty from party members.
    • If Dhuum's rest has been filled, stop using skill 1 and instead start using skill 5.

  • Position 3:
    • Kill Dhuum's minions and champions.
    • When there are no minions, attack Dhuum.

  • Position 4, 7 and 8:
    • Position yourselves on the podest and don't die. Keep the team alive, except for the three intended kills.

  • The surviving character out of position 5 and 6:
    • Position yourself on the podest.
    • If Ritualist: Wait until Dhuum uses the skill Dhuum's Judgment. When he does this, immediately cast Pain Inverter.
    • If Mesmer: Spam Wastrel's Worry on Dhuum. If you're a secondary profession mesmers, also use Pain Inverter whenever Dhuum uses the skill Dhuum's Judgment.
    • If Necromancer: Support your soul taker frontline as usual.


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