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This hammer build uses Forceful Blow to get past blocking stances.


A common variant to Devhammer when stance removal is desirable.

Attributes and Skills

Your attack skills gain 13% armor penetration.
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  • Heavy Blow Heavy Blow over Hammer Bash Hammer Bash for higher damage but a less flexible chain.
  • Shock Shock for a less conditional knockdown than Iron Palm. Beware of exhaustion.
  • Dash Dash over Enraging Charge Enraging Charge .
  • Death's Charge Death's Charge over Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet .



  • 4x Sentinel's Insignia
  • Stonefist Insignia
  • Superior Vigor
  • Minor Weapon
  • Clarity
  • Restoration(if preferred)
  • Minor Strength


  • Elemental Hammer of Defense/Fortitude, 15^50
  • Vampiric Hammer of Defense/Fortitude, 15^50
  • Furious Spear of Fortitude, +5 energy
  • Furious or Zealous Axe/Sword of Defense, +5 energy
  • Strength Shield of Fortitude, -20% blind
  • Strength Shield of Fortitude, -20% cripple
  • Strength Shields of Fortitude, +10 armor vs each damage type


  • Upon entering battle, begin building adrenaline. When you and any other warriors on your team have adrenaline, organize a spike on a suitable target.
  • Try to spike down low health targets.
  • Knock your target down.
  • Use Forceful Blow to remove stances, backline.
  • Use Bull's Strike on moving targets that lack the ability to block.
  • Use Flail to build adrenaline faster and to speed up your spikes.
  • Use Crushing Blow for an extremely powerful attack on targets you've knocked down.
  • Use Hammer Bash to knock your foes down again using standard quarterknocking procedures.
  • Use Enraging Charge to gain adrenaline and catch up to targets.
  • Use your Elemental weapon to bypass enemy warriors' resistance to physical damage.
  • Of course, use Resurrection Signet to resurrect dead party members.


  • Melee shutdown
  • Anti-knockdown skills
  • Blackout disables your skills and causes loss of all adrenaline.

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