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This build has been designed for the following use:

Warrior running build using Shadow Form and shadowsteps to run to outposts.

Attributes and Skills

Your attack skills gain 3% armor penetration.
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Optional skills:

  • Drunken Master over "I Am The Strongest!" and Soldier's Speed - bring alcohol
  • Deadly Paradox - use when you know you will be needing to maintain Shadow Form for longer periods - bring a high-energy wand and focus (total of +36 enegy from two +15energy/-1 mods and +6 from the focus) and/or Birthday Cupcakes or Candy Apples just in case


  • Full Radiant
  • Full Attunement
    • Any staff with +10 energy and 20% halves skill recharge of spells.
      • Defensive, Hale, Swift, or Insightful Staff Head.
      • "Don't think twice", "Hale and Hearty" or "Seize the Day" Inscription.
      • Staff Wrapping of Enchanting (+20% useful for lengthening Shadow Form).
  • OPTIONAL (only use if health is dangerously low): High Armor Set
    • Spear.
      • "I Have the Power!" Inscription.
      • 20% longer Enchantments.
    • 16 Armor Shield.
      • -2 (while in stance).
      • +45hp (while in stance).


  • Use Shadow Form only around enemies that use spell-based snares (such as Ice Golems, Stone Summit Heretics, and Ice Imps).
  • Maintain "I am the Strongest!" and Soldier's Speed.
  • Use Death's Charge whenever it recharges to cover more ground faster. It also can provide a good heal.
  • Use "Don't Trip" and "I am Unstoppable!" to avoid knockdowns (such as from Frost Wurms, Azure Shadows, and Tundra Giants).


  • Aggroing hex users without Shadow Form up or with Shadow Form recharging.
  • Timing "Don't Trip" and "I am Unstoppable!" incorrectly in Snake Dance.


  • Dwarven Stability can replace "Don't Trip!" (Alcohol should be brought in this case.)

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