Build:W/D Seven Weapons Stance Scythe Farmer

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This build is provisionally vetted great pending more votes.

This build has received a provisional rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Use Seven Weapons Stance to get 20 Scythe Mastery, which coupled with 16 Strength absolutely tears through enemies.

Attributes and Skills

Your attack skills gain 15% armor penetration.
Template code


  • Slot 3:
    • "You Are All Weaklings!" "You Are All Weaklings!" - recommended
    • Armor of Sanctity Armor of Sanctity - add Earth Prayers
  • Slot 7:
    • Conviction Conviction - add Earth Prayers
    • Grenth's Aura Grenth's Aura - add Wind Prayers
    • Sprint Sprint
    • Mindbender Mindbender
    • Radiant Scythe Radiant Scythe
    • Zealous Sweep Zealous Sweep






  • Maintain Seven Weapons Stance to boost your attributes and gain 33% IAS.
  • Maintain Dolyak Signet for armor boost and KD negation.
  • Maintain Armor of Sanctity or "You Are All Weaklings!" to keep enemies permanently weakened.
  • Maintain "For Great Justice!" for adrenalin gain.
  • Spam Crippling Victory, Chilling Victory, and Whirlwind Attack.

Farmable Areas


  • General anti-physical hexes and conditions.
  • High DPS areas.


Desert Griffon Farming

Hulking Stone Elemental Farming

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