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This build has been designed for the following use:

Flux.jpg This build is only viable during the Flux: Chain Combo.
See the build's talk page for discussion and ramifications not noted here.  

"Coward!" "Arbalest" warrior that provides ranged spike damage and frequent knock downs with "coward!" while possessing the ability to run or push flags aswell as split offensively or defensively.
It has been seen in various combinations:

  • Solo frontline with one W/P;
  • Solo frontline with two W/P;
  • Dual frontline with one W/P;
  • Dual W/P with a flag running split dervish;
  • Triple W/P.

Attributes and Skills

Your attack skills gain 16% armor penetration.
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  • Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet – drop Lion's Comfort if you want to focus on main team usage.



Runes and insignias


  • Try to maintain the chain combo damage bonus at all times.
  • Use Sprint to move around the map quickly and cancel flail if needed.
  • Activate Flail to improve your damage output. Keep in mind that this slows your movement down.
  • Cast Lion's Comfort as soon as you need healing.
    • If you need to move large distances across the map, use it after 20 seconds to preserve your adrenaline.
  • Call spikes with Vicious Attack and "Go for the Eyes!" (PvP) or join them with Spear of Lightning and Wild Throw (save for stances).
  • Use "coward!" to maintain the flux and knock down targets tactically.
    • Lineback by knocking down frontliners.
    • Play offensively by knocking down monks right before a spike.
  • Depending on the opponent's build you can split off to kill NPCs, collapse splitting characters or push flags.


  • Blind on split.
  • General anti-physical hexes.
  • Snares.
  • Dual stance rangers in 1v1.
  • Split dervishes.


  • "Arbalest" increases your damage output by roughly 16% before the flux.

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