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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Flux.jpg This build is significantly affected by the Flux: Hidden Talent.
See the build's talk page for discussion and ramifications not noted here.  

This Hidden Talent flux warrior can be used to call or follow spikes in main team but also split off if needed.

Attributes and Skills

Your attack skills gain 14% armor penetration.
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  • Wild Throw Wild Throw for improved spikes.
  • "Watch Yourself!" (PvP) "Watch Yourself!" (PvP) for a small party-wide prot. Set tactics to 6+1.
  • Lion's Comfort Lion's Comfort for easier splitting.
  • Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet


Runes and insignia



  • Use Sprint to move around the map quickly and cancel flail if needed.
  • Activate Flail to improve your damage output. Keep in mind that this slows your movement down.
  • Call spikes with Cruel Spear and other spear attacks.
  • Use Shield Bash to counter spikes.
    • While on split, block Pin Down while you can't dodge due to flail.
  • Cast Lion's Comfort as soon as you need healing.


  • Blind while splitting.
  • Snares while splitting.
  • General anti-physical hexes.
  • Projectile blocking glitch spots.

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