Build:W/any Fissure Shore and Cave Farmer

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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This build farms the Fissure Shore and Spider Cave in The Fissure of Woe in normal mode.
The loot includes items such as Obsidian Shards, Gloom Seeds (salvages into plenty Plant Fibers), Corrosive Spider Legs (salvages into plenty Chitin Fragments), Piles of Glittering Dust and oldschool weapons.
The farm takes less than 20 minutes to kill 15 Snarling Driftwoods and 50 Armoured Cave Spiders.

Attributes and Skills

12 + 1 + 3
10 + 3
8 + 2
Your attack skills gain 13% armor penetration.
Template code

  • Feel No Pain Feel No Pain – over "You Are All Weaklings!".
  • Cyclone Axe Cyclone Axe – over Yeti Smash. Use a zealous axe. Drop YAAW for FNP.






  • Use the vampiric hammer as your main attack weapon and switch to the zealous hammer when needed.
  • When running to the next group of foes or balling large groups of spiders, stay in your spear + shield set.
  • Use Sprint to move faster to the next group of foes. Moving forwards while this stance is active will cause foes to lose aggro. Use this to your advantage to shake off the shadow army or ancient skales. When sprint is active while you ball foes, move sidewards to avoid losing their aggro.
  • Heal yourself with Healing Signet when needed. Switch to your spear + shield set to reduce the damage you take while not attacking.
  • Ball foes so your area attacks Crude Swing, Whirlwind Attack and Yeti Smash hit all of them.
    • For killing armoured cave spiders perform one standard attack inbetween your area attacks. This will give you the adrenaline to renew flail or defy pain. It will also ensure that your area attacks interrupt all Healing Springs they try to create.
  • Maintain Flail to attack 50% faster.
  • Maintain Defy Pain to survive.
    • Charge it before killing the last foe of a group so it's already fueled for the next group or foes you aggro on your way there.


En Route to the Shore

  • Use Sprint, run south through the first group of foes and use Healing Signet in the safe spot (see picture 2) once.
  • Move further. You will see three groups of foes running towards you. Hit the shadow beast that spawns near you with your spear until you can use Defy Pain. Selfheal if necessary.
  • The group with elementalists runs to the east; once they have passed you can continue running south. Use sprint so the shadow army will stop following you.
  • You are now approaching the first farming area, the fissure shore.

Farm: Fissure Shore

  • You will now see the first few snarling driftwoods and a doubter's dryder.
  • Run past them, lure a second group of snarling driftwoods with your longbow.
  • Ball the six snarling driftwoods and kill all of them.
    • You may still be hexed with Mark of Pain, which will cause foes to scatter a bit. Simply continue hitting the targets that stay with you.
    • If the first three snarling driftwoods are fighting the shadow army, ignore them (you wouldn't receive loot from them) and continue the farm with the next group of snarling driftwoods.
  • Push on downhill and continue your farm to the east. If possible, avoid aggroing ancient skales.
  • Lure and kill 6 more snarling driftwoods.
  • Push further to the east. If you need to aggro ancient skales, make sure to shake them off quickly with sprint.
  • Attack the last 3 snarling driftwoods. Keep enough adrenaline to use Defy Pain again.
  • You have now killed all relevant foes on the Fissure Shore. Continue to the east where you find the Spider Cave.

Farm: Spider Cave

  • Sprint through the cave and spawn all armoured cave spiders. Maintain Defy Pain, heal yourself when necessary.
  • Create a first ball of armoured cave spiders at the corner leading towards the last doubter's dryder. Kill them.
  • Create a second ball of armoured cave spiders with all which currently remain in your compass range.
  • Create a third ball in the area of the waterfall, killing all remaining armoured cave spiders.


  • Ignore doubter's dryders. They do not drop obsidian shards. Cancel wastrel's worry with flail, defy pain or other skills and outheal any damage coming through with your signet.

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