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This Build uses a strong adrenaline engine with Knee Cutter, Steelfang Slash and "To The Limit!" to spam high damage adrenaline attacks with Seven Weapon Stance. "On Your Knees!" allows the user to instantly recharge Seven Weapons Stance in case it gets removed, while the lost adrenaline will quickly be restored.

Attributes and Skills[]

12 + 1 + 3
12 + 1
Your attack skills gain 16% armor penetration.
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  • 1 Stonefist insignia on hands, headpiece or feet.
  • 4 Sentinel's insignia.
  • Rune of Superior Vigor.
  • Rune of Superior Absorption.


  • Vampiric Sword of Defense with "Strength and Honor". Zealous Sword of Defense with "Strength and Honor" for the W/D variant.
  • Strength or Tactics Shield of Fortitude or Endurance with "Run for Your Life".


  • Maintain Seven Weapons Stance. Use "On Your Knees!" if the stance gets removed by enemies.
  • Use "To The Limit!" to fuel adrenaline at the start of the fight or after using "On Your Knees!".
  • Use "You Move Like A Dwarf!" for on demand knockdown and Cripple. Follow up with Knee Cutter to regain 9 energy and 4 adrenaline. Next use Sun and Moon Slash and Steelfang Slash to gain 6 adrenaline which will recharge your other 3 attacks. Use Sun and Moon Slash and Body Blow, then use Knee Cutter again which will nearly recharge your other attacks. Continue cycling through attacks.


  • Standard anti-melee.
  • Adrenaline denial.

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