Feydslynox suggested to post it publically :) It's not my build, just converted this reddit post into a pvx format: https://redd.it/8ul60x
I'm still testing its effectiveness with various player/flag positions, but so far it seems to have an ~80% success rate.
If you have any suggestions how to improve it, go ahead, I'm not a theorycrafter myself 😅 -- kazerniel (talk) 17:47, 11 October 2021 (UTC)

Yayyy ! Thank you for posting it <3 Feydslynox (talk) 08:42, 18 October 2021 (UTC)

Accessibility: Zei Ri

If possible we should try to tweak this team so it works without Zei Ri/mercenary heroes so it's accessible to a wider audience. If anyone is up to test some variants...
We'd want to replace one of the ritualists with a non-ritualist and non-mesmer. Let's first consider replacing the signet of spirits ritualist. I expect that its main purpose is to deal damage and distract foes with the increased amount of available targets, and its secondary use to provide some extra healing. Both functionalities could be covered by a third necromancer:

Signet of Spirits.jpgBloodsong.jpgGaze of Fury.jpgDestruction.jpgPainful Bond.jpgSignet of Lost Souls.jpgSpirit Light.jpgProtective Was Kaolai.jpg

Signet of Spirits
Gaze of Fury
Painful Bond
Signet of Lost Souls
Spirit Light
Protective Was Kaolai

If the healing is not required or you want to level a ranger hero, this might be a working alternative:

Signet of Ghostly Might.jpgPain.jpgAnguish.jpgDisenchantment.jpgShadowsong.jpgArmor of Unfeeling.jpgSerpent's Quickness.jpgFlesh of My Flesh.jpg

Signet of Ghostly Might
Armor of Unfeeling
Serpent's Quickness
Flesh of My Flesh

Alternatively, since this is only normal mode, the team may work without the communing ritualist prot if we add a second minion master with some party-wide protection. Could also work with another meme golem.

Aura of the Lich.jpgAnimate Shambling Horror.jpgAnimate Bone Fiend.jpgPutrid Bile.jpgMasochism.jpgSignet of Lost Souls.jpg"Never Surrender!".jpg"Stand Your Ground!".jpg

Aura of the Lich
Animate Shambling Horror
Animate Bone Fiend
Putrid Bile
Signet of Lost Souls
"Never Surrender!"
"Stand Your Ground!"

If you test one of these, please let me know what the effect on the team performance is. If it increases the fail rate, please tell me in which kind of situation the team falls apart. --Krschkr (talk) 13:56, 13 October 2021 (UTC)

Wow, did this years ago and found some of the old tweaked builds I used. It's a mess but I remembered having ~100% success rate with some of those so it can definitely be achieved. Some observations, take this with a grain of salt. Indeed it works really well without a communing prot, and I ditched it at the time, replacing it with a SoGM ritualist, which was just better IIRC :
Signet of Ghostly Might Pain Anguish Disenchantment Shadowsong Mighty Was Vorizun Armor of Unfeeling Optional
If doing this without Zei Ri, a ranger SoGM is a great option, I'd be in favor of having it listed. Another viable one is having Razah as a Rit and swapping one of the Ineptitude Mesmers for a Blinding Surge Ele (with additional para skills). It worked at the time.
Two MM's might work with two meme Golems but not AotL + Golem imo, as AotL might eat too much corpses at the same time, leaving the other MM starved and useless. Yea I could see this working with two Golems, needs to be tested. Feydslynox (talk) 08:42, 18 October 2021 (UTC)

Build Tweaks

I suggest to test the following build tweaks:

  • Reconsider hex eater signet on the illusion mesmers. According to the wiki there are only four hexes in this mission. Clumsiness will often trigger before the hero gets to remove it. Binding chains will run out before the hero gets to remove it, and is not relevant. Conjure phantasm is not dangerous and illusion of pain, while it's fun to remove it for the heal, is not that dangerous either. Is there a good reason to play these mesmers without arcane conundrum? It's one of the best illusion magic skills and should fit well into this team.
  • I suppose this team, like most others, would benefit from a Blood is Power healer. The mesmers could run: Power drain over waste not, want not (increased stability against casters, no performance loss against physicals thanks to external energy support), cry of frustration over resurrection chant on the domination mesmer. Replace flesh of my flesh on the healer with blood bond for your minions and consider taking spirit transfer over vengeful weapon.
  • If there's a large amount of same-build foes appearing at once, the mesmers could alternatively benefit from complicate. It'd also mean that mirror of disenchantment is an option to replace drain enchantment, but only if you get BiP.
  • Shouldn't bring a resurrection skill on the healer.
  • The hostile spirits are destruction and displacement. The latter will die immediately to your army of spirits and minions. The former is not that important to steal with signet of binding, so consider gaze of fury as an alternative.
  • I reckon that stand your ground is definitely worth bringing in this team build. The easiest character to put it on is the minion master.

--Krschkr (talk) 13:56, 13 October 2021 (UTC)

I agree, Hex Eater Signet is a very flawed skill and should be replaced. The healer should never have a res skill, this should also be changed asap (Spirit Transfer ?). Signet of Binding is bad here and is the perfect candidate to be replaced by a Para or Nec skill. Arcane Conundrum should absolutely be here, yep, especially because of the Saltspray Dragons.
Those Saltspray Dragons, they're the main threat here (and Onis to a lesser extent), spiking one of your heroes to death leading to the team crumbling. About BiP, this is relevant here because BiP might make your healer sac his health at the worst time while being attacked by Dragons/Onis, leading to his death, leading to the team's death. I remember trying it but finalling ditching it even though the Mesmers had more oomph. Final team was very defensive and did not include BiP because that saccing was just too dangerous.
Yes ! Never Surrender, Stand your Ground and Enfeebling Blood must have a place on this team. The MM on the Zei Ri post is pretty much the one I used. I'd be in favor of replacing the meme golem bar by this one :

Aura of the Lich.jpgAnimate Shambling Horror.jpgAnimate Bone Fiend.jpgPutrid Bile.jpgMasochism.jpgSignet of Lost Souls.jpg"Never Surrender!".jpg"Stand Your Ground!".jpg

[[Aura of the Lich@19]
[[Animate Shambling Horror@19]
[[Animate Bone Fiend@19]
[[Putrid Bile@19]
[[Signet of Lost Souls@13]
[["Never Surrender!"@10]
[["Stand Your Ground!"@10]
Aura of the Lich is way better than the meme Golem imo. The key to not getting overwhelmed here is to have the highest number of targets for the foes to attack, diverting them from your heroes until you can thin their ranks. That's why AotL + SoS + SoGM is just that good here (note that AotL is a bit antisynergistic with the communing prots, that's also a reason why I dropped the ST Rit).
About the Mesmers, tried some Keystone builds at the time but they're inferior to the other Mesmer builds, unfortunately, even without BiP. Also tried having Spirit Light Spirit Light at 8 Restoration Magic as the last skill on the Domination Mesmer bar. It seemed really really good when having two Domination Mesmers, making the run really safe IIRC but I can't say for sure now, might have been a bad idea after all.
Dissonance instead of Union on the ST Rit bar strikes me as odd, what would be the justification for it? Saltspray Dragons? Feydslynox (talk) 08:42, 18 October 2021 (UTC)


More than the builds, some tactics can pump up the success rate. Things that come to mind are :

  • The player can bond some heroes with things like Life Barrier at the start of the mission, even if sometimes they get stripped by Chillblains. Since the Calibos NPC must survive, having the player bonding him can also be wise.
  • Skills that last indefinitely without an upkeep are also a good option, just cast them at the start of the game. Eternal Aura and Signet of Stamina are the most interesting ones.
  • With a high armor character (Derv, War, Para, Ranger...) it is possible to position yourself so the groups converge on you first. If you take all the aggro and tank while AFK it'll allow some room for your heroes to breathe. I vaguely remember this being a really good tactic.
  • About positioning, using the 7 hero flags spread to avoid AoE's is crucial.
  • Popping a Summoning Stone at ~02:00 minutes might be useful. If having a lot of Skill Points, the Legionnaire is great and sometimes survives until the end, very helpful on the last wave.

- Feydslynox (talk) 08:42, 18 October 2021 (UTC)

Trial Status

Any more test results so we can update the page and move it into testing? --Krschkr (talk) 13:24, 19 November 2021 (UTC)

And now? :p --Krschkr (talk) 13:14, 29 November 2021 (UTC)

Pet leveling?

This seems like an easy way to afk level pets too (at least during the first 7 waves). I wonder, is there any downside of the player carrying a pet? -- kazerniel (talk | contribs) 01:31, 15 December 2021 (UTC)