Guide:Feather Farming

Feather farming is often considered an easy and simple method to earn cash. Feathers are a high demand material used for crafting Essence of Celerity for high-end areas and speed clears. Common areas to farm include:

  • Sensali groups in Jaya Bluffs
  • Star Tengu groups in the mission Nahpui Quarter
  • Tengu groups in North Kryta Province
  • Tengu groups in Nebo Terrace

Jaya Bluffs

Feather farming path.png
Start: Seitung Harbor
Duration: 7-12 minutes
Recommended builds:

Jaya Bluffs features low level mobs that prove easy to kill quickly. Many groups are close to each other. Multiple groups can be taken on at once. There are around 17-19 groups depending on the path you take. Enemies drop Feathered Crests which can be salvaged for 3-4 Feathers.

Nahpui Quarter

North Kryta Province

Nebo Terrace

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