The Great Destroyer is the final boss in Eye of the North expansion. A group must kill him to complete "A Time For Heroes." He can be difficult for an unprepared group, but an organized group can take him down quickly and easily.

Great Destroyer

  • Enraged Blast - When interrupted, the Great Destroyer becomes enraged and emits a blast of Energy that knocks down all foes within earshot and deals 115 damage.
  • Lava Blast - Lava surges upward, knocking down all foes standing in lava and dealing 75 damage.
  • Lava Ground - The Great Destroyer creates a giant blast that melts earth into lava.
  • Lava Wave - The Great Destroyer sends out a wave of lava that deals 100 fire damage to all Burning foes. While submerged in lava, the Great Destroyer gains 10 Health regeneration and is immune to all damage. Lava Wave ends after 12 seconds or if all Destroyers are destroyed.
  • Searing Breath - The Great Destroyer breathes out a cone of fire that hits foes for 80 fire damage and 40 more fire damage for each Enchantment on them. All Destroyers in the affected area are healed for 80 Health.
  • Flame Jet (Hard Mode only) - A jet of lava shoots out to target foe dealing 600 damage. If that foe is under the effects of an enchantment, the damage is halved.

Killing the Great Destroyer

The Great Destroyer can deal devastating damage to your whole party with his skills. Bring party heals such as Heal Party, Light of Deliverance, or Breath of the Great Dwarf. Life degeneration skills and life stealing skills are also useful when the Great Destroyer uses Lava Wave.