Week of May 31st (2 Amphibian Tongue per gift)

  • SoS Enter Sparkfly Swamp NM from Gadds's Encampment. Go North to the swamp, pull and kill groups one by one.Its possible to farm boss group too(place spirits,pull,go back, repeat).

Week of May 24th (2 Roaring Ether Claw per gift)

  • SoS right outside Dzagonur Bastion in The Mirror of Lyss, go west around the rock and then follow the eastern wall of the area killing every group of elementals on the way.
  • A 330hp Elementalist with obsi flesh and radiation field can do the same mobs outside of Dzagonur.
  • A Dervish/Monk using Vow of Silence and the right skill bar can harvest all 4 groups containing 3 Ethers and 1 Ruby Djin.

Week of May 17th (6 Dwarven Ale per gift)

Week of May 10th (1 Drake Kabob per gift)

  • Chunks of Drake Flesh (which are a required to produce Drake Kabobs) are dropped by Irontooth Drakes and Steelfang Drakes.
    • They can be farmed in many places easily with almost any farming build. Spirit farmers can be used on any profession to farm them easily, and 55s, 600s, Shadow Form Farmers, Obby Farmers, etc. will all have an equally easy time with them.
    • Entering Plains of Jarin from Champion's Dawn, there are two Irontooth Drakes directly east that can be very quickly farmed with any build.
    • In Rilohn Refuge, accept the quest Drakes on the Plain and repeatedly solo the first two mobs of Irontooth/Steelfang Drakes. This quest requires bringing Koss to activate. Simply flag him near the entrance portal.
    • Just outside Moddok Crevice on the Floodplains of Mahnkelon there is a group of 6.

Week of May 3rd (1 Azure Crest per gift)

Silent Surf has a large population of saltspray and rockhide dragons which drop Azure Crests. Enter from Unwaking Waters (Luxon) and proceed East. There are also some groups to the North with some Jade Torn Kirin.

- just outside of Seafarer's Rest (Rhea's Crater) exit is a group of 4-6 Rockhide Dragons, which can be farmed quickly with a 55 monk/necro with the Norn spell "I am Unstoppable" to prevent knock down and Mending for extra healing. Spiteful Spirit with Plague sending works well in both Normal and Hard modes. Spoil victor also works but is a tad slower. Elem use of Sliver armor works quite effectively as well.