Map:Amnoon Arena


Amnoon Arena Arena

Location Crystal Desert
Environmental Effects None


Amnoon Arena.jpg
Map of Amnoon Arena Arena

Amnoon Arena is a standard Deathmatch arena. The map is circular and is somewhat unique in that there is no real designated area for combat.

Map layout

The map is essentially a circular arena with a cross-shaped structure in the middle which obstructs direct combat. Through the middle from east to west there is a bridge that cuts through the cross. Also, the north-western and south-eastern parts have small stairways through the structure that are excellent choke points for AoE. There are also a few sand dunes that can provide a high point for arrows, or an obstacle to get around.

Common tactics

  • For the most part, combat is located around one of the two chokepoints; the bridge in the center, or one of the two stairways.
  • Because of the where people bunch up around, this is a good place for AoE skills.
  • The cross structure is a good place to hide behind against line-of-fire skills, though it's easy to separate yourself from the party by doing this.
  • The dunes at the south-east make the stairs much faster than traveling around them to get to the northeast side.

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