Guild Hall
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Burning Isle

Art Style Ring of Fire
Environmental Effects Lava pools that cause Burning and Crippled.



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Basic Tactics

Notable Features

  • Lava that causes Burning and Cripple every 3 seconds surrounds the flagstand, fills the back path between the bases and the quicker front path. Bringing a shield with a 20% Cripple reduction shield is advisable because of this map.
  • Lesser Flame Sentinels that guard the back path between the bases. Eliminating them can be useful for allowing a quicker split. They die of degen 12 minutes into the match.


Splitting on Burning Isle can be difficult for some builds. This makes it a popular choice for 8v8 builds that can't split very well. However, a split build with Aura of Displacement or Recall can utilize the shadowsteps to quickly travel past the Lesser Flame Sentinels in the unusually short path between the two bases without having to kill them. In addition, an assassin with Aura of Displacement can shadowstep to the enemy backline and then run to the enemy base and gank. If anything substantial enough to mitigate the sin's split is sent back to deal with it, he can cancel AoD and assist the stand team. If the enemy team tries to collapse on the sin, he can teleport back to his teammates, who can take advantage of the enemy retreat to gain a positional advantage.

Actual splitting can be done with a monk with Protective Spirit and offensive characters. Protective Spirit will dumb down much of the damage caused by the Flame Sentinels. Then, an assassin or a warrior, for example, can kill the sentinels one by one until they've been fully cleared out. The sentinels can be taken down without being aggroed by using a longbow.