Guild Hall
Isle of the Dead.jpg
The two bridges overlooking the main battlefield

Isle of the Dead

Art Style Kryta
Environmental Effects Tar


Isle of the Dead map.jpg

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A hall with stone walls and numerous mini-passages and choke points.

Basic Tactics

The two big bridges going across the map over the flag stand area are great for rangers as not only does it make them hard to hit, but the height advantage gives them a higher critical hit and faster arrow movement speed. The Tar and small flag stand area makes snares and body blocking extra effective compared to other maps. The tar also makes the flag runners job significantly more difficult if the team is pushed back even slightly from the stand.

Notable Features

NPCs are very condensed around the Guild Lord, and pathways leading up to him are very narrow, making AoE skills exceptionally effective for making a push back to the stand.


Split teams can take the top route straight into the opposing hall, however NPC placement can be an issue, making splits harder. Highly mobile splits, such as those utilizing shadowsteps like Recall or Aura of Displacement, can utilize their mobility to kill NPCs while the enemy stand team has difficulty sending people back to defend the base due to the tar.