Seabed Arena

Seabed arena scenic.jpg
Location Jade Sea
Environmental Effects Spiked Coral


Seabed Arena.jpg
Map of Seabed Arena

A Deathmatch arena with coral that damages as you go through, and a priest that resurrects your team every 2 minutes.

Map layout

The area between the two bases is split into two levels. The upper level has a bridge flying over the gap to the opponent's base - with the Spiked Coral on each end of the bridge. The lower area is reached by two short staircases from each side.

Common tactics

  • Most teams will go across the bridge through the coral.
  • The wall at the top of both sets of stairs may be used to block projectiles.
  • Usually teams will attempt to wipe each other first before going after the priest. Attempt to kill foes either just after the 2 minute resurrection count, and then kill the priest as soon as possible.

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