Shiverpeak Arena

Shiverpeak arena scenic.jpg
Location Northern Shiverpeaks
Environmental Effects Icy Ground


Shiverpeak Arena.jpg
Map of Shiverpeak Arena

Shiverpeak Arena is a Deathmatch arena. It was formerly only accessible as a low-level arena from Yak's Bend, until the map was moved to the Battle Isles. A modified version of the map is used for the Wintersday Dwayna vs. Grenth matches.

Map layout

The map is basically symmetrical, with teams beginning opposite each other. The center of the map has a section of ice that applies Icy Ground to any player who stands on it, slowing their movement speed. Each starting location leads to a small hill, below which players can run directly across the ice to the other side. Alternatively, there are two paths that led to the high ground above the icy ground.

Common tactics

  • The high ground directly ahead from the starting location gives a distinct range advantage against foes approaching through the center. This location is frequently used by spirit spammers and Rangers.
  • If players want to cross through the center, the team must do so at the same time and avoid stopping on the ice itself. Many players are deterred by the environmental effect and will either rush ahead or stay back, resulting in numerous overextension scenarios.
  • The high ground on either side of the map is a common alternative approach to avoid cross the center, especially if the opponents have set up spirits on their side. Taking this approach provides a height advantage.

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