Guild Hall
Uncharted Isle.jpg
Plantlife near central battle location

Uncharted Isle

Art Style Istan
Environmental Effects None


Uncharted Isle map.jpg

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A scenic hall with a wide-split set in Istan.

Basic Tactics

Notable Features

The map features three paths. One is the southern path which has the flag stand. Then there is the short central path with access to both the southern and the northern path. Finally, there is the northern back-woods path used for splitting.


Splits in Uncharted Isle are powerful. The splitting route is more than a full compass away. That means that gankers cannot be detected except by pop-up messages stating "Your base is under attack!" or by actually sending a small team or flagger to counter that split. If fighting on this hall in higher ranked matches, expect the team to be a 5-3 or 4-4 split.