January 16, 2020: Toraen's retirement as bureaucrat and a new RFA[]

For countless years Toraen worked for the PvX wiki as an administrator, improving codes, wiki bots, tending to the day-to-day work, acting as a neutral and mediating voice wherever necessary. Eventually, he was made bureaucrat, and kept taking care of PvX wiki even when Guild Wars' player base was shrinking and the activity in PvX with it. He has recently decided to pass this role on to Krschkr as the time he could spend for PvX became too few to take care of the involved work. We'd like to express our gratitude and respect for his tireless work throughout the years!

To fill the gap Chieftainalex has been nominated to become a new administrator. All users are invited to provide their feedback to his request for adminship.
(update 1st July 2020, the RFA has been successful)

There have also been changes in policy. Recently we've decided to update the naming conventions for build articles, PvX:NAME. The changes lead to a more consistent naming pattern, which allows to identify the content of build pages more easily just by looking at the page title. Many page names have been adjusted accordingly, so if you have bookmarks or other links to previous page titles you may need to update some of them.

We've also implemented a new type for PvE builds: quest. It allows for builds that will help players to complete content that requires specialized builds, such as solo quests. Moreover it is the place for specialized builds that help to finish particularly difficult content, such as Hard Mode Only quests. All users are invited to contribute builds or feedback to this new build type. You can also browse the builds that have been added so far, both vetted and untested ones.