Welcome to the Speed Clear Portal!
Shadow Form

Welcome to the Speed Clear Portal! The Speed Clear Portal serves as a main page for all of the numerous Speed Clear content located around the site.

Introduction to Speed Clears

In PvE, the concept of speed clears for dungeons, elite areas and to farm faction has become extremely popular. The idea of a speed clear is simple: get the end reward in the minimum time possible to maximize the chance of a rare drop or amount of Faction gained in a given time inteval. Speed clear builds are usually quite area specific and generally focus on spiking with AoE or skipping foes. Some of the most popular speed clear builds include: Mesmer Spike, where balled foes are spiked with armor-ignoring AoE damage; Manly Spike, which uses a combination of Hundred Blades and Whirlwind Attack to mass trigger Mark of Pain and Sinway, a build where every party member has Shadow Form.


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