This is a proposed amendment to PvXwiki:Real Vetting and PvXwiki:Build Masters.


  • Basically, on the ratings page, ratings from Build Masters would be separated from other users' ratings. Builds will then have two rating scores: the first will be the average of all Build Master ratings on the build, the second will be an overall rating averaging all users' ratings on the build.
  • BM ratings would not be given higher-than-normal weighting when calculating the overall rating.
  • The vetted build templates would be updated to reflect both the BM rating and the overall rating. For example, on a build with a BM rating of 4.7 and an overall rating of 4.3, the build would show that the BMs rate it as "great" while the community as a whole rates it as "good".
  • Before leaving the testing phase, builds would need to be rated by at least 5 people, at least 1 (maybe 2?) of whom is a BM.
  • We'd probably need more than five BMs.
  • A build would be trashed if:
    • Both the BM rating and the community rating are below 2.5, or
    • If the overall rating drops below 1.5 (or maybe 2.0, something like that), or
    • If the BM rating drops below 1.5, and at least 3 BMs have rated the build (which stops one BM from just 0-0-0ing something into trash).
  • Potentially, builds with 5+ ratings and no BM ratings could be marked with {{needs bm ratings}} or something like that.