This policy allows admins to sort out bad builds from simply retarded ones that should be deleted immediately without a wait.

How It Works

This may appear similar to the PvX:WELL system. However, some builds do not fall under PvX:WELL but should be deleted anyway. For instance, if a build isn't a joke build but is completely terrible, a user could add a template to the page flagging it to other users and admins. The build can be immediately be deleted without any say in the matter. Alternatively, if an admin cannot get to it within a certain period of time, it can be immediately put into testing without author consent. It will also show up under a separate category, such as Suggested Bad Builds or the like, where users can immediately vote without needing a reason if the build is clearly bad.

If a build is suggested to be of bad quality, a BM can review it, and if it is found to be bad, can then be deleted by the BM or by an admin.

When It Should Be Used

  • When builds have obvious lack of synergy, or even anti-synergy (i.e. "This Elementalist build uses Frenzy as an attack booster to increase the frequency of damage that you do with a wand." This was taken from an ACTUAL build.).
  • When builds in the PvP category deviate from the meta by far and would not work in the current meta.
  • When builds are not using the kinds of skills that they "should" (as in, a Warrior that uses all spells or an Assassin without damage skills, both of which have been submitted before.).
  • When builds are simply of poor quality, as in missing certain skills (without variants), terrible attribute spread (not using all attribute points by far or using too many), etc.

Why It Should Be Used

  • Fast deletion of inferior builds
  • If not deleted, a build can still be tagged as "bad", therefore attracting voting attention for people to at least get it to the "Unfavored" stage, where it will certainly get deleted soon.

Example Template

Red thumbs down.png

This build has been deemed a Trash Build.

It has been found to have few or no redeeming qualities and thus may be deleted at any moment. If you wish to keep a record of this build, post it into your userspace.