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This page is an official policy on PvXwiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

Users may request a bot account to handle large amounts of non-controversial edits. The purpose of using a separate account flagged as a bot is to avoid flooding recent changes and watchlists with minor and repetitive edits, as Bot edits are hidden from them by default. This second account should not be used to participate in any other form of editing, discussion, or voting.

A system generated list of bot accounts may be found here.

Creating a Bot

Since the bot account is a second account for a user, that user must be trustworthy if they are to operate a bot. A bureaucrat should be approached with a request for a bot account including the intended name and any job(s) you have in mind for it. The bureaucratic team's decision is final and excessive requests for bots should not be made.

If permission has been obtained, the requesting user may create the account and place a notice on its userpage indicating that it is a bot account with a link to the user responsible for it. A bureaucrat will then promote the account to a bot (and administrator, if needed). The bot account is then ready to use.

Editing with a Bot

Since their edits are normally hidden from the common methods of patrolling edits, bots should only be used for non-controversial edits. The user should also announce in advance any plans for bot activity to minimize disruption to the wiki and receive feedback from other users.

Non-controversial edits include but are not limited to:

  • Fixing common typos
  • Fixing broken links leftover from page moves/deletions
  • Standardizing formatting

Some edits that generally should not be done by a bot (also not a full listing):

  • Content changes
  • Removal of content
  • Using talk pages (remember to log back in to your main account when done!)
  • Voting (this would be a violation of PvX:VETTING)

Sometimes, edits that would normally fall under the second category (such as a large number of deletions) can be carried out by the bot, but it is imperative that plans to perform such edits are based on community consensus and/or are required by our policies. A good rule of thumb for bot editing is to ask yourself, "would anyone have reason to object to these edits?" If the answer is yes, don't jump to using your bot.

Bot Violations

It is the controlling user's responsibility to ensure that their bot account follows the above and does not harm the wiki. If using external software to automate the bot, the user should ensure that the settings are correct before starting a job and monitor the bot's progress once started.

Failure to use a bot account correctly may get the bot privileges revoked and the bot account permanently banned. The user's main account may also suffer a ban if found to be abusing their bot account privileges.