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This page is an archived project on PvXwiki.

This project was at one point active, but has since been abandoned or completed.

The Quality Control Initiative
See the style and formatting guides for editing help.


The Build Stubs and Quality Control project is a child of PvXwiki:Improvement Drive. It is an attempt to organize and maintain a driving movement to uphold the basic quality standards of formating that every article on this wiki should posses.

By mandating and upholding a minimum level of Article Quality the wiki will achieve a greater overall success. Articles will be easier to read and reference, knowledge and understanding of builds amongst contributors will increase, and overall the site will become much more pleasing to the eye. Also, if everyone reaches the same minimum level of build formatting, more emphasis is given to the build itself, which in turn will garning more accurate results from the vetting system.

This initiative is not to screen builds out of the vetting process, on the contrary it's here to assist in the improvement of those builds to the point that people are seeing the build mechanics instead of the poor build formatting, allowing for a more honest rating of the build and it's capabilities.

On 01 July 2007; shortly after the implementation of PvXwiki:Real Vetting, the entire untested and trial build sections underwent an quality control sweep to help identify those builds that had been created during the large block of stagnant time between migration and vetting policy implementation. Following this sweep any User who views build found to be of inferior quality in Trial or Untested sections may place a cleanup tag onto the build and send the build back to stubs. Included in this tag will be a detailed explanation of what is wrong with the formatting of the build and the initial responsibility to fix the build will rest on the author. When the formatting is fixed, regardless of the build makeup of the article, it will be eligible to be sent to untested or trial phases at the initiative of the author.

As was stated earlier it is the initial responsibility of the build author to try and fix the page. It is noted because people learn more by doing than by having it done for them. That being said however, they may ask for assistance from an admin, and depending on the user level of the author, an Admin will assist that author appropriately to get their build up to formatting standard.

What is the Formatting Standard

We have several guides that dictate those standards we are to uphold:

  • Style and formatting – Guide for writing a build article, including an example ready for copy & paste.
  • Writing good builds – More notes on how to write a build that meets the standards and expectations of PvXwiki.
  • Build Naming Policy – Understanding the syntax for naming build articles.

Examples of high quality formatted builds

Those individuals who have made a pledge to assist in the Build Stubs Quality Control Program

  1. 'Shireensysop'