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This page is an official policy on PvXwiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

A page may be subject to deletion if it violates our Article retention policy, contains unauthorized copyrighted content, or meets the criteria for Build Deletion.

Requesting Deletion

Request for deletion of a page can be made by placing the deletion template at the top of the page with the reason for deletion filled in:
{{delete|Reason for deletion.}}

If a talk page needs to be deleted, this may be used instead:
{{delete talk|Reason for deletion.}}

Do not use the delete template to note desired changes to an article, whether it be a move, merge, cleanup, rewrite, or anything else that does not warrant deletion of the article. Templates and the talk page exist for suggesting all of those changes (and more).

All pages tagged for deletion can be found in the category, Candidates for deletion.

User Pages

Users may request deletion of their own user pages at any time by placing the delete template on them. However, their main user talk and any archives of it will generally not be deleted so that a record of conversations with the user is available.


Deletion of builds is governed by Build Deletion.

Sensitive Information

Pages/revisions containing personally-identifiable information other than the IP address in the page history will be deleted at the identified individual's request. It may be deleted in the absence of such a request if an admin believes the information places the individual in danger.

Other Articles

All other non-userspace pages are subject to our article retention and copyright policies, and will be deleted if found to be in violation.

If an article does not violate these policies but is found to be non-valuable, it may be deleted through consensus. A user may tag a non-userspace page that they created for deletion as a user request but, if any other user wants the page kept, the tag will be removed.


There is no set grace period for a page tagged for deletion, but Administrators will evaluate each incident and delete only when policy clearly mandates or when consensus has been unambiguously reached.