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Welcome to the Dungeon Build Overview. This page has been created to make it easier for PvX users to find and contribute specific Dungeon builds.

The Guide[]

Dungeon Guide Dungeon Reputation Points Running Speed Clear
1 Catacombs of Kathandrax Vanguard A/E - Duo Manly Spike - Daggerway - Spearway
2 Rragar's Menagerie Vanguard A/E Manly Spike - Stormway
3 Cathedral of Flames Vanguard
4 Ooze Pit Dwarf A/D Sinway
5 Darkrime Delves Norn A/Me - D/A
6 Frostmaw's Burrows Norn A/E Sinway
7 Sepulchre of Dragrimmar Dwarf A/E
8 Raven's Point Norn Nagaway
9 Vloxen Excavations Dwarf
10 Bogroot Growths Asura Manly Spike - Sinway
11 Bloodstone Caves Dwarf A/D
12 Shards of Orr Asura A/Me Snoway - Rangerway
13 Oola's Lab Asura A/N - D/A Sinway
14 Arachni's Haunt Asura R/A
15 Slaver's Exile Norn A/any Sinway
16 Fronis Irontoe's Lair Dwarf
17 Secret Lair of the Snowmen Dwarf
18 Heart of the Shiverpeaks Dwarf A/E

Build Categories[]

The builds in this guide are grouped into two catagories:


Shroud of DistressShadow Form Perma:
An extremely popular build for running and farming, throughout Guild Wars. The build uses an Assassin with Shroud of Distress and Shadow Form, coupled with Consumables or Deadly Paradox to permanently maintain Shadow Form. This build can be used throughout many dungeons for solo farming or running. Running on a perma is preferable because it maximizes the number of free slots in a team, increasing the number of people paying to be ran.

Protective SpiritSpirit BondHoly Wrath 600/Smite:
600/Smite was once the most popular dungeon running setup. The build used a 600hp tank, who stayed alive through the use of Protective Spirit and Spirit Bond. The smiter dealt the majority of the damage through the low-armor 600hp tank, using skills such as Holy Wrath and Retribution: There were many variants of 600/smite and often the dungeon running builds had a third person to provide additional damage, healing and energy denial. The setup used to be fairly quick at killing everything on the way to the boss, and was a good method of obtaining deldrimor points during reputation weekends (the perma sins could not offer this since they ran past most foes). The smite/supporters are listed here as hero builds but could also be played by humans. The nerf to Holy Wrath killed off the 600 runs, and has caused the perma sin to be the dominant runner. All of the 600/smite builds have been archived.

Speed Clear[]

Speed clears have become very popular throughout a number of areas in Guild Wars. Many of the dungeons with sought after drops (see list) have speed clear builds since they allow areas to be completed many times in a short period of time. These builds are very specific and often focus on running past and skipping everything that does not require killing. Some of the most popular speed clear builds include:

See Also[]

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  • Category:Dungeon Build automated list of all builds with dungeon tags. You can help by adding anything on the list to the appropriate section on this guide.
  • Template:Requires-Cons: Most Dungeon builds use consumables and should be appropriately tagged with this templat to alert viewers of their requirements.