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This project exists to document the effect of the Flux and determine which builds and strategies are affected (positively or negatively).


As of the April 28, 2011 update, the global PvP effect, Flux, was added. With this, there has been implemented a monthly cycle of passive, environmental effects which affect all players in any PvP arena. As stated in the Developer Notes which came out in parallel with this update,

"The introduction of Flux is a compelling tool to help us keep our competitive formats dynamic, while allowing us to further balance the game. Because slight shifts in the meta are expected from Flux to Flux, it allows us to better target overly problematic builds. If powerful builds can thrive in environments that are not suited to them, we can review the skills to bring them more into line. We want to encourage gameplay where the team that wins does so because they've played more skillfully.".

Current effect

The effect is Minion Apocalypse. This deals 50 damage to all nearby creatures and spawns a level 20 masterless Bone Horror when a player dies.

Given the stated nature of this effect, certain attention is due to builds stored here on PvXwiki which may thrive in the Flux, now and as it changes. Below is an overview of strategies and skills which are affected by the current Flux effect.

For a listing of specific builds affected by the Flux, see the Affected by Minion Apocalypse Flux category. Add builds to it by tagging them with the {{Flux}} template.

Positively Affected

  • The energy gain from Soul Reaping will trigger more often due to the deaths of the spawned minions.
  • Verata's Gaze and Verata's Aura can take control of the spawned minions.
  • Builds using scythes, since scythes will gain more adrenaline, life stealing (from Vampiric scythes, Avatar of Grenth and/or Grenth's Aura) and energy (from Zealous scythes) when used to attack an opposing player that is adjacent to one or two spawned minions.

Negatively Affected

  • Melee will take some damage upon making a kill.

Flux effects in the current yearly cycle

Historical flux effects