The effect is Like a Boss (and The Boss). If no one is the boss, killing another player grants The Boss, giving you -20 armor but the following bonuses: +33% attack speed, +33% movement speed, -33% skill activation time, +3 Health regeneration, and +1 Energy regeneration. If you die, you stop being the boss. If another player killed you, they become the boss.

Given the stated nature of this effect, certain attention is due to builds stored here on PvXwiki which may thrive in the Flux, now and as it changes. Below is an overview of strategies and skills which are affected by the current Flux effect.

Positively Affected

  • Melee can make great use of the simultaneous, irremovable IAS and IMS bonuses.
  • Casters enjoy the reduced skill activation time and +1 energy regeneration.

Negatively Affected

  • Already low-armor damage dealers are far more fragile when they are the boss.
  • Armor-ignoring damage builds will not benefit as greatly against the boss.