The effect is Parting Gift. When a player dies, they drop a Gift of Battle on the ground. To whoever picks it up before it disappears, the gift makes them move 33% faster. When the player drops it, their allies in the area are healed for 100 Health, and all foes in the area are set on fire for 8 seconds.

Given the stated nature of this effect, certain attention is due to builds stored here on PvXwiki which may thrive in the Flux, now and as it changes. Below is an overview of strategies and skills which are affected by the current Flux effect.

Positively Affected

  • Melee can easily pick up the gift from their slain foe and use it to quickly reach a new target and set it on fire, adding to their pressure.
  • Casters may benefit more than martial professions, since they can keep holding the gift while casting - and use the movement buff to help kite.