The effect is Xinrae's Revenge. Whenever a player successfully activates a skill, it disables skill for 3 seconds for all party and opposing party members in the area who have it on their skill bar.

Given the stated nature of this effect, certain attention is due to builds stored here on PvXwiki which may thrive in the Flux, now and as it changes. Below is an overview of strategies and skills which are affected by the current Flux effect.

For a listing of specific builds affected by the Flux, see the Affected by Xinrae's Revenge Flux category. Add builds to it by tagging them with the {{Flux}} template.

Positively Affected

  • Mesmer skills that copy the skills of others (Arcane Larceny/Thievery, Inspired/Revealed Hex/Enchantment, Simple Thievery, Symbols of Inspiration).

Negatively Affected

  • Team builds which rely on multiple players using the same skills.
  • Adrenaline based builds (E.g. Warriors).