The purpose of this policy is to encourage new users coming to the wiki to contribute without being ostracized by the rest of the community. The current outlook on new users is generally negative. There are quite a few bad builds and/or dupes being posted, but with positive community feedback, this can be turned around. The main problem, is a new contributor effectively being cut off from the community because of a few bad posts. This usually brings about:

  • Revert wars. Why is this person changing my build around? It was fine before that. I'll change it back no matter how many times they change it.
  • Arguments. Way too many of these. Sometimes over a petty skill choice.
  • Bans/Sockpuppetry. It's likely all of the admins/users have ran into one or more of these. More active/quality usage would probably lessen the trolling, which in turn would lessen the bans and maybe the sockpuppetry.

This needs to change. The community should stand back, observe new users and approach them with a slightly more mature attitude. Professional, even. It's not hard to accomplish. If we see someone new making mistakes, we calmly approach them and explain why/what they're doing is wrong while making an attempt to fix it.


If someone new does come along, and needs an experienced hand, anyone can stand up and be useful. Admins, BMs, and regular users.

If the new user becomes hostile, links like PvX:CHILL and the like are to be followed. If that fails, then an admin steps in.

Hopefully with this new policy, newer members will feel more welcomed to join up and provide insight on Guild Wars. And may even invite more and experienced friends as well.