Over the course of time, various builds may become better or worse due to game updates, changes in the metagame, changes to the build, or some combination of the three. PvXwiki attempts to adapt to these changes.

Voting changes

When a build is modified by any of the above three situations (or any similar situation), all the votes previously attributed to the build will be grayed. This voting graying need not be made by an admin, so long as it can be sufficiently proven. This is easiest when a build is massively revised or when an update changes one or more of the core skills to the build.

The graying shall be done by placing the code <font color=gray> before the voting section and the code </font color> after it. In this way, all votes can be easily seen for reference, but can just as easily be seen as outdated.

After this adjustment is done, a notice should be placed on the talk page of all the voters with PvXwiki accounts. (Anonymous editors should not have a notice placed on their talk page, as many anonymous editors have dynamic IP addresses and thus will not receive the message at the top of their screen stating that they have new messages.) This notice can be easily placed using Template:NOTIFY. This gives the user ample notice that his vote is no longer valid, that the build has been changed, and that the build now needs testing again.