PvXwiki:Policy Changes 2009

Proposed policy changes that would redefine core site policies such as Build Masters, Style and Formatting, and most Build-specific policies. If Approved, the relevant policies should be updated and this page retained separately.

Summary of Affected Policies

Administrative Policies

Content Policies

Build-Specific Policies

Conflict Policies

Build-Specific Policy Changes

New builds are submitted into the Build namespace instead. Popular or "meta" builds are moved into the Meta namespace by appointed Build Masters.

Anyone may edit builds in the Build namespace and changes are agreed by consensus. Anyone may edit builds in the Meta namespace, but Build Masters have final say in any proposed changes.

Builds in the Meta namespace will not be subject to the Real Vetting policy and will be displayed separately from Build namespace builds by assigning category tags to these builds. Builds in the Build namespace can be subject to vetting, but will only contain Trial, Testing, Favored and Unfavored categories.

Favored is effectively Great/Good and is for builds that are usable, but not suitable for the Meta namespace. Should it become meta, it can be moved to Meta namespace and the tag replaced. Unfavored is effectively Other/Trash/WELL and the build is subject to deletion within 1 week.

Trial, Testing, or Stubbed builds may be tagged for deletion as Abandoned after 1 week of inactivity; ie no edits or votes for 7 days. In the case of Trial or Stubbed builds, the tag may be removed if meaningful edits are made and they are moved into Testing. In the case of Testing builds, they must be voted into either Favored or Unfavored.

Administrative Policies

Build Masters are in charge of maintaining the Meta namespace. They are expected to be active and knowledgeable about what is run in their chosen areas. Only Build Masters may move a build into or out of the Meta namespace and are allowed to post builds directly into the Meta namespace. Build Masters have the final say in disputes about what any articles in the Meta namespace contain as well as their structure.

Content Policies

Information We Do Retain and Information We Don't Retain within Article Retention will be updated to reflect the changes to the Build Namespace and Vetting structure.

The Admin Noticeboard will no longer be the place to complain about votes. If you want to dispute a vote in the Build namespace, raise it with the voter directly and settle it between yourselves.

Conflict Policies

Despite the changes to the responsibilities of Build Masters the Appeal process still stands. The description of the appeal process however will be changed to reflect their new duties rather than the outdated vote monitoring.