This page is a community project on PvXwiki.

It exists to provide guidance in improving the wiki and all users are encouraged to participate.

This project is an effort to create a community consensus 7 hero meta team page of high quality – regarding both presentation and content.

To do

The objectives of this project are:

  1. Identify all currently featured teams of the affected type.
  2. Determine the ideal defensive, balanced and offensive variant of this team build type. This requires standardized testing by multiple people.
  3. Agree on an ideal presentation.
  4. Create a meta team page (or a subpage system for different variants) which meets high quality expectations and can be agreed on by the community.

Affected pages

Currently we have a couple of very similar team builds in PvX which are all variants of the same team concept.

Most of these pages feature suboptimal build suggestions, are outdated or lacking in presentation quality. As 7 hero teams are the most important content PvX features in the current state of the game this is where we should try to improve with priority.

Depending on how the approach on mercenaries is going to be, more pages such as these may be affected:

The ideal variants

First we need to agree on a standardized testing procedure, which is part of PvXwiki:Project Standardized Testing.


Although there are Style Guidelines which cover the expected quality standard we should try to provide an even better page with sophisticated headline concept, section formatting, in-page links, use of subpages and so on. Before starting to create the actual build page we should think about the presentation concept. The details may be found in the process of working on the build page, but the concept should stand before that.

The build page

A subpage has been installed where we can work on an agreeable meta team page. If a multiple page solution is preferred, additional subpages can be created.

Go to the subpage.

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