PvXwiki:PvP Build Renewal


As is the case with any dynamic metagame, it is inevitable that poweful or viable builds one day, may slide into obscurity due to shifts in the meta. Due to the large number of vetted builds on the wiki, and the sometimes obscure shifts in the meta, maintaining only the viable builds can sometimes be difficult. The aim of this policy is an attempt to adress this problem.


Once a build is vetted, it begins a 2 month countdown. At the end of this period, the build is submitted to a new category, dubbed "outdated" in which it's votes are wiped and it is re-voted upon. Once the build has recieved 10 votes in this category, it is moved out of the "outdated" category and into it's new vetted category. Until a build has recieved 10 votes, it will appear in its original vetted category, as well as the outdated category.