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This page is an official policy on PvXwiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.


A redirect is a page that automatically brings the viewer to another article. Redirects are most commonly used with abbreviations, or when a page has been moved from one name to another.

How to Use Redirects

To create a redirect, type the command #REDIRECT onto the article, followed by the link the article should redirect to. For example, the redirect Admin has the following text:

#REDIRECT [[PvXwiki:Administrators]]

This brings the viewer to the article PvXwiki:Administrators instead, while a short message at the top of the page informs them that they have been redirected from the article Admin.

If a redirect article needs to be in a category, you can put the category links on lines after the redirect link. For example, to put the article Example 1 into the cateogry Category:Examples, follow the example below. Take note that the user will still be directed to the article that Example 1 would be redirecting them to.

#REDIRECT [[Example 1]]


You may list as many categories as needed (depending on the type of article).

When to Use Redirects

Redirects are commonly used for:

  • Abbreviations.
  • Common misnomers and typos.
  • Colloquialisms.
  • User space pages.
  • Taking an article's place once it has been moved to a new name. See the section below for more details.

When not to Use Redirects

Redirects are unnecessary for:

  • Unverifiable or uncommon colloquialisms.
  • Redirects into the user namespace (i.e. a page outside of the user space may not redirect to a page within the userspace).
  • Redirects from the user namespace (i.e. a page within the user space may not redirect to a page outside of the user space)
  • Redirecting to articles that have been moved to a new name.
  • Note that in the majority of cases, the redirect will be deleted. However, if the page were previously very popular, or it is reasonable to assume that a number of users may be watching that page, the redirect may stay.
  • Redirecting to build articles, especially those that have been altered to accommodate new professions.
  • In some instances, redirects to builds may exist for builds that are extremely popular, and could be argued to be colloquialisms. For example, the page Imbagon could redirect to Build:P/W Imbagon.