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This page is an archived policy on PvXwiki.

This policy was at one point considered standard, but has since fallen out of favour.


For more information on what a Build Master was, see PvXwiki:Build Masters.

A category containing links to all resolved RfBMs may be found here.

The Process


Candidates were nominated either by themselves, or other individuals. The nominator indicated the reasons that he or she feelt that the nominee would be a valuable asset to the Wiki community, giving particular regard to why they believe that the candidate deserved the additional powers of a Build Master. The candidate then indicated their assent to the nomination (if they so choose), and added any additional comments regarding their candidacy (assuming they were nominated by someone else).

Instructions for how nominating a candidate took place, can be found below.


Any member of the community was free to indicate their feelings towards the candidate. These “votes” indicated whether you supported or opposed the candidate, or, alternatively, you could have indicated a neutral position. These votes were used as an indicator by the Bureaucrats, and, as such, comments should have indicate some insight into the position taken by the voter. While a reason was not strictly required, a vote that provided reasoning was not only a more valuable tool for the Bureaucrats, it was also cause for greater consideration and would have had a greater impact on the final decision.

In order to maintain a sense of decorum on the voting page, responses to votes were added to the nominees talk page, not on the nomination page itself.


It is important to note that a well-supported nomination was not a guarantee for a build master position—the final decision rests solely with the current administrative team. Voting, while an important tool, was not the deciding factor. The decision as to whether a build master was required at a given time was also left up to the current Administrators. As such, the promotion of a candidate could be held off until a later date even if the candidate were acceptable.

A nomination ended when either the Bureaucrats decide to promote the candidate, or, when the voting stagnates and no decision was reached and/or the Administrative team was unwilling to promote a candidate. Candidates could reapply for the position or have be nominated again at a later date.

Active Nominations

  • Active nominations went here


The simple three-step plan was adopted from the Requests for Adminship in order to facilitate nominations.

  1. Insert the following text in the active nominations section above:
    Where "Username" is the name of the nominee.
  2. Proceed to click on the red link created by the 1st template, and insert:
    {{subst:bm1|Username|Rationale for nomination. ~~~~}}
    Be sure to fill in the second argument with your actual rationale and to sign and date it.
  3. Finally, insert the following templates at the top of the nominee's talk page:
    This template will alert the user that he/she has been nominated.

Note: The nomination itself counted as a "support" vote.