This page is to request user merges for bureaucrats to carry out at their discretion.

User merging involves merging all contributions and logs from one account into another account, effectively changing their attribution. Page histories and log pages are updated to match the name of the new account. There is no limit on how many 'old' accounts can be merged into a 'new' account.

This does not delete the old user account, and does not transfer preference details. The old account remains to prevent someone from re-registering the name, but it will be permanently banned to prevent sockpuppetry. Also, the edit count in 'my preferences' for the old account does not exclude the newly moved contributions, and similarly the new account does not include them.

Please note that this can be a drastic action and cannot be reverted without moving the entire contribution and log list from one account to another. Be sure you understand the effects before requesting a merge.

Do not make frequent requests for this procedure, as it can cause confusion among other editors. It is up to bureaucratic discretion to determine when requests have become too frequent, and they may deny requests for any reason.

Adding a Request

  1. Ensure the new account is registered (it doesn't matter if it already has contributions)
  2. Add the following to the top of the list in the Requests below, replacing the indicated parts:
* {{IP|<Name of old account>}} → {{IP|<Name of new account>}}
: <Reason for requested merge>
: <Signature by old account>
: <Signature by new account>

It is recommended that old userpages and talk pages be redirected to their new counterparts, to ease navigation to users via old links (e.g. in signatures). Userpages can be collectively moved using the "move subpages" option in the move tab. If there is a high number of pages, a bot can carry out the page moving and deletion of remnant-redirects if requested in your reasoning; this will keep the move-log entries and edits out of recent changes.


See also

  • Previous user merge requests can be found in the archive.
  • For a system generated log of merges, see Special:Log/usermerge.
  • To use this function, bureaucrats should visit Special:UserMerge.