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This page is an official guideline on PvXwiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.


The PvXwiki community prides itself on its inclusive and accepting reputation. At this site, the contributions of the newest user are held to the same esteem as those of the admin team. New users are never expected to belittle themselves or their contributions in deference of a more senior user.

All users share the same rights to question, suggest and make changes to the wiki, regardless of the amount of time spent active at the site. Equally important, all users will be treated with respect that is not dependent upon the amount of time spent here. No personal attacks will be tolerated, and no users opinion will be suppressed (i.e. his/her comments will not be stricken or deleted by another user, or edited in a manner that would differ from the original, intended meaning). Note that this does not preclude the wiki practices of blocking, protection or deletion. Also, any mistakes made by any level of user will be forgiven properly, and all users will assume good faith in their fellow contributors.

This policy is not intended to grant more clout to any group of users, but to ensure the cooperation and good spirit that this wiki is renowned for. We hope that all users will enjoy their time here at the wiki, and benefit as much from it as a resource as they will as a community!