Template for the detailed categorization of farming builds.



Add this to any farming build page. Add all fitting parameters so the build ends up in the appropriate categories.


All of the following parameters can be set equal to yes to add the page to categories.


  • gold pieces. Alternative: gold, gp, g, drops, loot
  • gold items. Alternative: unids, unid
  • insignias. Alternative: insignia, minor runes, minor
  • superior runes. Alternative: sup
  • unique items. Alternative: bosses, boss, greens
  • event


  • amber chunk. Alternative: amber, amber chunks
  • bolt of cloth. Alternative: bolts of cloth, cloth
  • bone. Alternative: bones
  • chitin fragment. Alternative: chitin fragments, chitin
  • feather. Alternative: feathers
  • granite slabs. Alternative: granite slab, granite
  • iron ingots. Alternative: iron ingot, iron
  • jadeite shard. Alternative: jadeite shards, jadeite, jade
  • monstrous claw. Alternative: monstrous claws, claw, claws
  • monstrous eye. Alternative: monstrous eyes, eye, eyes
  • monstrous fang. Alternative: monstrous fangs, fang, fangs
  • piles of glittering dust. Alternative: pile of glittering dust, dust
  • plant fibers. Alternative: plant fiber, fibers
  • scales. Alternative: scale
  • tanned hide squares. Alternative: tanned hide squares, hide
  • wood planks. Alternative: wood plank, wood
  • globs of ectoplasm. Alternative: glob of ectoplasm, ecto, ectos, e
  • obsidian shards. Alternative: obsidian shard, obsi, shards


  • Any item from this category: collectibles
  • glacial stones. Alternative: glacial stone, vaettirs, vaettir
  • destroyer cores. Alternative: destroyer core, dcores, dcore, cores, core
  • margonite gemstones. Alternative: margonite gemstone
  • stygian gemstones. Alternative: stygian gemstone
  • titan gemstones. Alternative: titan gemstone
  • torment gemstones. Alternative: torment gemstone
  • cathedral of flames. Alternative: diessa chalices, diessa chalice, golden rin relics, golden rin relic


  • balthazar faction. Alternative: balthazar, balths
  • kurzick faction. Alternative: kurzick
  • luxon faction. Alternative: luxon
  • sunspear reputation. Alternative: sunspear faction, sunspear
  • lightbringer reputation. Alternative: lightbringer faction, lightbringer
  • norn reputation. Alternative: norn faction, norn
  • asura reputation. Alternative: asura faction, asura
  • ebon vanguard reputation. Alternative: vanguard reputation, ebon vanguard faction, vanguard faction, ebon vanguard, vanguard
  • deldrimor reputation. Alternative: deldrimor faction, deldrimor

Experience Points

  • Any item from this category: experience points

Treasure Hunter Points

  • Any item from this category: treasure hunter

Elite Skill Tomes

  • Any item from this category: elite skill tomes
  • elite warrior tomes
  • elite ranger tomes
  • elite monk tomes
  • elite necromancer tomes
  • elite mesmer tomes
  • elite elementalist tomes
  • elite assassin tomes
  • elite ritualist tomes
  • elite paragon tomes
  • elite dervish tomes

Skill Tomes

  • Any item from this category: skill tomes
  • warrior tomes
  • ranger tomes
  • monk tomes
  • necromancer tomes
  • mesmer tomes
  • elementalist tomes
  • assassin tomes
  • ritualist tomes
  • paragon tomes
  • dervish tomes


  • lowreq. Alternative: q8
  • celestial weapons. Alternative: celestial weapon, celestial
  • colossal scimitars. Alternative: colossol scimitar
  • fendi's chest. Alternative: bone dragon staves, bone dragon staff, bds, golden hammer, suntouched staff
  • totem axes. Alternative: totem axe
  • icy dragon swords. Alternative: icy dragon sword, ids
  • echovald shields. Alternative: echovald shield
  • uninscribable weapons. Alternative: uninscribable, old school, oldschool, os
  • oola's chest. Alternative: storm daggers, clockwork scythe, crystal flame staff, signet shield, steelhead scythe
  • arachni's spoils. Alternative: insectoid scythe, insectoid staff, insectoid
  • bogroot chest. Alternative: emerald edge, frog scepter, froggy, moldavite staff
  • chest of burrows. Alternative: silverwing recurve bows, silverwing recurve bow, silverwing bows, silverwing bow, silverwing, bonecage scythe, demon fangs, demoncrest spear, icicle staff, tentacle scythe
  • destroyer chest. Alternative: aureate blade, eaglecrest axe, wingcrest maul
  • dragrimmar chest. Alternative: turquoise staves, turquoise staff
  • eldritch chest. Alternative: ancient moss staff, topaz scepter
  • havok's chest. Alternative: cobalt staff, violet edge
  • hidesplitter's chest. Alternative: dryad bows, dryad bow, dryad, goldhorn staff
  • mountain heart chest. Alternative: embercrest staff
  • murakai's chest. Alternative: notched blade
  • prismatic chest. Alternative: cerulean edge, chrysocola staff
  • chest of the slaver. Alternative: voltaic spears, voltaic spear, vs

Farming Profession

Categorizes farms by the player profession. Omit if they work for any profession, set multiple flags if they work for a limited range of professions.

  • profw
  • profr
  • profmo
  • profn
  • profme
  • profe
  • profa
  • profrt
  • profp
  • profd


For a monk farming build that generates standard loot and bones:


For a mesmer and assassin vaettir farm builds that's suitable to do the survivor title:

{{FarmCat|vaettirs=yes|gp=yes|mesmer tomes=yes|event=yes|xp=yes|unids=yes|profme=yes|profa=yes}}